How Popular Website Designs Looked Like In Late 90’s

How Popular Website Designs Looked Like In Late 90's 1

Few months ago, we have posted about 27 Eye-Opening and Inspiring Websites Of Top Brands that would be useful to understand the current design trends followed by the top brands. Our this post would be fun to see and interesting to explore few of the today’s top website designs before a decade. In this post, you will see that How Popular Website Designs Looked Like In Late 90’s. This list is not long in numbers but I promise you that when you start browsing them in details you will enjoy this.

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Google  in 1999

Microsoft in 1999

Apple in 1999

Yahoo in 1999

Hotmail in 1997

Sony in 1998

BBC in 1999

Amazon in 1999

MSN in 1998


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