Google And Android Teaming Up To Beat iPhone

Google And Android Teaming Up To Beat iPhone 1

The Android may still behind in market as compare to iPhone App Stores in terms of quality, beauty and variety, but there is something which needs to be considered about the Android operating system, that it is tightly integrated with existing Google products, and the variety of devices and carriers. No doubt iPhone apps are wonderful and stunningly beautiful, but Android’s smart syncing with existing tools, interesting experiments done by Google labs for Android coming every day, and some tools by its open marketplace model may give a pause to average user of iPhone.

Android is completely open-source, that means the apps can change the functionality and appearance of the OS, well if you allow them to. It can be a safety issue, but it’s great for customization. So, I am not asking you to throw your iPhone and buy Andriod, what I am telling you is, if you want a change from iPhone and you are a die hard fan of Google then you better go for Android. There are four apps from Google for Android I will talk about and you can consider them if they suits your work and mobile lifestyle.

Google Finance

Users who have some deep attachment with stock portfolio 24/7, Google Finance  is a useful tool for getting updated, real-time and customized quotes. The Android app syncs directly to your Google Finance portfolios and it streams live and updated data, charts and financial news right into your hands. Right now Android is the only mobile platform with an official Google Finance app.


Google Voice

Google Voice allows you to keep your existing cell number, but it forwards your missed calls and voice mails to a generated Google number so that you can check them on the app or e-mail as convenient. Google voice service automatically generate voicemail transcription and instead of getting a voicemail on your phone, you will receive an email or text message with the transcription. Users can scroll through their messages visually like inbox and stream the audio messages from the mailbox as needed. Right now Google Voice is an invite only service. You can request for an invitation here or look for friends who are already users of Google Voice.
There are no doubt other great voicemail alternatives for the iPhone exists, but the deep integration of Gmail with Google Voice makes it a greate deal to your mobile arsenal of communication tools.


Gmail and Calendar

Android OS has built-in utility of fully integrated Gmail and Calendar app and that must not be missed. Gmail and Google Apps user should go Android because its the handset which will complete the suite for cloud computing productivity tools. The working of Google apps like Gmail, Calendar, and Google Voice are flawless in Android because of the intrinsic link between Android and Google. Whatever you do with your Gmail inbox via web, it will be updated on your Android and same with Calendar, like you updated a birthday reminder on the web calendar, the updated calendar can be seen on Android.


Google Listen

Google Listen is one of its kind app by Google Labs, it functions like a search engine and subscription tool for podcast across the web. If you are on the way to somewhere and realize you have missed to see the latest episode of your favourait daily soap, simply jump on Google Listen, search for it and stream it right way from the source. With Google Listen you dont need to download podcasts or connect to your handset with you PC, and with its builtin subscription option, once you find a show you will never miss an episode while on the move.


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