Congratulations To The Winners Of BundleHunt 2 ($2000 Worth Of Designer Goodies)

Thanks to all of the participants of contest in which you could win BundleHunt 2. We ran the MySql random query and selected these commenter to give them BundleHunt 2.

  • Peter
  • Mario Awad
  • Mary Mo
  • Dennis
  • Boost Inspiration

BundleHunt is a premium resource pack aimed to empower the creative community with more than $1400 worth of outstanding apps, templates, icons, ebooks, hosting plans & premium memberships for less than 50$.  This time Bundle Hunt team announced the release of BundleHunt 2, the big brother of BundleHunt, their original package of essential applications for developers. Packed with even more applications at discounts much higher than before, the idea for this release is to put together a complete designer’s resource pack for web developers across the board for the smallest price in history.

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Congratulations To The Winners Of BundleHunt 2 ($2000 Worth Of Designer Goodies) 1

BundleHunt 2 comes with a number of new premium applications included such as 8 High Quality Fonts from FontSpring (priced at $289.75), 30 Premium Download Credits from (priced at $119) and a number of other useful desktop application licenses for both Windows and Mac OS X. In all, there are 16 applications, memberships and resources included in the bundle this time as against the 12 included in the previous version, all for the same amazing price – $49.99

Congratulations To The Winners Of BundleHunt 2 ($2000 Worth Of Designer Goodies) 2

When each of the applications in this exhaustive list is considered individually, the combined value of the bundle comes at $2,040. However, the entire bundle is available from at a heavily discounted price of $49.99!

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Thanks to BundleHunt for sponsoring this wonderful contest at Smashing Apps.

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