Awesome (Yet Free) Sticky Note Taking Web Apps You Probably Never Used Before

Awesome (Yet Free) Sticky Note Taking Web Apps You Probably Never Used Before 1

Every now and then we come across something on the web which we’re eager to jot down for future reference. Sticky Note apps come in handy during this time and save your most casual notes taken down during browsing. Today we have eight of the best sticky note taking web apps which will help you a lot and provide you with features making your online life easier.

Short Text

Short text is the simplest sticky note taking app you can find. It requires no sign up, and if you have anything to share from a piece of text to a function call from a code, just paste it on the text window in shrt Text and with a click of a button your work will be given a unique URL from which others can access it. supports direct linking to images and videos as well.


Yahoo Notepad

Yahoo Notepad is aptly named; it is simple and elegant like Windows Notepad. You can write notes in Yahoo Notepad with support for multiple notes and then group them as folders as well for your own convenience. It however requires you to sign in with your Yahoo account before using and you have to sign up if you don’t have one.


Your Draft

Your Draft is an online draft publisher and a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor which allows you to share your content with other without any passwords or fuss. You readers can also edit your documents if you have given write access to them. Your Draft can also be used to manage content on your webpage and allows data encryption.



MyStickies allows you to add sticky notes to webpages while you’re visiting the page and save it for later. The saved web pages can later be reviewed and edited from any other computer. MyStickies not only bookmarks the webpages in its online repository, but also saves the pages on how you tagged content on it and presents it the same way later. MyStickies is completely free to use.



An online note taking app with enhanced features, similar to those available in WordPad and a little few in applications like Microsoft OneNote or Word. It features a rich text editor for editing and you can share your notes with others as well, including reading their work as well. The class group creation for notes sharing feature is also a good way to collaborate online while doing home assignments.


A freeware app for Microsoft Windows, Sticky-Notes can be downloaded on your PC and used to save your notes and share them over the internet. It features a friendly User Interface (UI) and is highly customizable with features like fonts, bullets and numbering, paragraphing, colors, transparency etc.


Sticky Notes

Another note taking desktop app which is easy to use for taking notes. You can type and stick cirtually anything in the always-ready for taking your notes. Notes can be positioned anywhere on the desktop, even hidden in taskbar and viewed later and are searchable as well. It supports basic text formatting such as fonts, colors, transparency and hyperlinks. Notes stay on the desktop even if the PC is rebooted.



Taskless is a free in-browser web app used to take sticky notes and place them over the internet. Notes written can be placed on three ‘spaces’ for sharing. The personal space is the area where only you can see your notes. The non-public space is where you and your friends can view each other’s notes and the public space allows you to share your sticky notes with everyone else. Notes can be tagged with keywords. Taskless can be used by signing in with Google Account as well.



Steecky (sticky) notes

A little different from the above mentioned apps, Steecky notes is a web app from Apple for iPhone which allows you to create sticky notes which can be then set as iPhone background. You can set background colors, text colors and other settings and preview them before applying. This way your most important appointments can always be in front of your iPhone.


Sticky Screen


Probably the simplest of all sticky notes taking apps, Sticky Screen stores whatever you have typed into a single sticky note in a web browser cookie. It is easy to use and requires no fuss i.e. registration and can be setup easily on the iGoogle page for convenience. participates in various affiliate marketing programs and especially Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to any of the linked sites from us.
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