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Handset Detection Optimizes The Mobile Web Experience

One of the fastest growing segments on the Internet today is the mobile web. More and more people are starting to surf through websites and download a myriad of content onto their cell phones, smartphones, and other mobile devices. Unfortunately, much of the Internet has been designed to be best enjoyed on a full-size computer. For designers and developers, there is an additional issue of addressing all kinds of different mobile devices with different levels of compatibility and different screen sizes.

To help address this issue, Handset Detection offers an integrated solution that will direct visitors to the right place depending on their smartphone, cellular phone, or other mobile device of choice.


By Chris Peterson
Take Your Blog To The Top Of Search Results With SEO PowerSuite 1
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Take Your Blog To The Top Of Search Results With SEO PowerSuite

You may have the greatest blog ever with mind-blowing design and captivating content, but if you just sit and wait for people to come and read it, chances are they won’t. In today’s world you need to get out there and promote your blog to get more eyeballs on your writing. One of the best ways to do it is by optimizing your blog for the search engines.

If you take a look at the traffic sources of the top blogs in any niche you’ll notice that a large chunk of their visitors come via search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become one of the most effective promotion tools in the blogger’s arsenal. But when you blog regularly, reply to comments, and work hard to grow a community around your blog you may not have enough time to invest in SEO, and professional SEOs charge an arm and a leg. So how do you optimize your blog without stealing the time from blogging or forking out for SEO services?


By Chris Peterson
Project Managers Turn Into Zombies Over Time! Have You Looked At Yourself Lately? 2
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Project Managers Turn Into Zombies Over Time! Have You Looked At Yourself Lately?

Stress and long hours are part of every project manager’s life who battle to get the most out of the resources at hand to achieve the scope. The main goals are to be on time, within budget and deliver quality; a combination that can be impossible to plan and achieve and can be devastating for some project managers.

We all know that achieving these 3 things together is theoretically impossible. Most often, project managers sacrifice quality and budget just to achieve the set deadlines or have a strict budget and sacrifice quality and push deadlines. There are exceptions where all bricks align and delivery is within the planned scope; however to achieve this requires a lot of planning, effort and time which we don’t have at disposal.


By Chris Peterson
Favitt Gives You A Customized Search Engine, Which Google, Yahoo and Bing Can’t 3
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Favitt Gives You A Customized Search Engine, Which Google, Yahoo and Bing Can’t

Nowadays, Search is the basic mechanism which drives the Internet space. If you surf the internet quite often, you really can’t live without using a search engine. People use search engine in a variety of ways, from searching images, videos, texts, products and so on.

A Search engine like Google, Ask and Yahoo lets you quickly find relevant information, blogs and websites. You can use them to find information on any subject or product, just go to a search engine’s home page, type some text in the search box and hit the return key to get a list of webpages which may contain the information you are looking for.


By Chris Peterson - Fresh & Never Boring Tech Updates 4
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With so many blogs around in the blogosphere, it becomes really difficult to get the right taste of news you want to read daily. If you love reading about computers, technology and geek stuff, you will find a lot of blogs which claim to serve interesting content and provide the information you are looking for.

Let’s face it – not all blogs are fun to read because they focus on “what brings business” and not on what the reader actually wants to read. is a technology blog, but with a different genre – you will love reading the posts without getting bored.


By Chris Peterson
Green Web Hosting - An Eco-Friendly Alternative 5
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Green Web Hosting – An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Wikipedia defines green web hosting as “a recent addition to the field of website hosting which involves a given website hosting company attempting to prove that they are not having any negative impact on the environment in an attempt to attract consumers.”

It is the latest trend in the web hosting industry that involves the use of eco-friendly methods to avoid losing valuable resources and to protect the environment from further destruction.


By Chris Peterson
Mind Mapping-The Fun Side Of Time Management 6
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Mind Mapping-The Fun Side Of Time Management

Do you want to get better results, be more productive, accomplish your goals and be more organized? It’s all about timing… Time management is planning activities effectively.

Mind maps are an excellent tool for managing time and help you use it efficiently in each step of every process. Mind mapping is a powerful method for generating and picturing ideas and activities, brainstorming and organizing thoughts. Using this type of software can help you save time, increase you skills while you are solving a problem, intensify creativity and facilitate your thinking processes.


By Chris Peterson
iSyndica:Upload Photos to Multiple Stock Photography Sites from One place 7
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iSyndica:Upload Photos to Multiple Stock Photography Sites from One place

Stock photography and videography has become a decent profession in recent years and many talented photographers earn online by selling their work. Clicking photos and videos is fun and interesting, but to sell them is not an easy job. You must have a portfolio and a solid social media presence so that people know that you exist. They can see your work and eventually, interested visitors will turn into future prospects or clients.


By Chris Peterson
Techinline-Remote Desktop Sharing and Customer Support Solutions 8
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Techinline-Remote Desktop Sharing and Customer Support Solutions

Do you own a small company and want to offer remote computer support to clients and customers? You might want to connect to another computer located at any place in the world, transfer files and documents and chat with the customer using a single application. You would also want to deliver online demonstrations and conduct training sessions between two computers.

Check out Techinline – an easy to use Remote Desktop solution which offers all these services under one interface. The service can be used to connect to any computer in the world which has an active Internet connection and a web browser. You can then transfer files, conduct presentations and chat with the customer live from your computer. The service also offers sharing screens so you can visually illustrate anything you want and convey the message on the other side.


By Chris Peterson
How To Effectively Manage Your Projects And Teams Online 9
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How To Effectively Manage Your Projects And Teams Online

If you are into finishing a project successfully and also on time you need to figure out a good way to communicate with your team members. Such as, “notifying every one of their tasks”, “keeping track of the progress of projects” or sometimes just a “sincere message to boost up the teams morale, to help push a project over the line” maintaining a project in an organized manner is a huge task on its own. TeamworkPM is an online tool that can help you manage those tasks in an easy manner. No matter how big or small your team, the online service will help you setup a good communicating ground for your team.


By Chris Peterson
UPrinting Website Sponsorship Programs 10
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UPrinting Website Sponsorship Programs

If you have a blog or work with non-profit websites, you need to read this post!, an online printing company, is now offering two excellent sponsorship programs.

The first program sponsors bloggers with advertising revenue, sponsored giveaways and product reviews. The second program sponsors non-profits, charities and educational organizations with printing services, saving them thousands of dollars a year! Read on to learn how you can get your blog or non-profit website sponsored by


By Chris Peterson
7 Situations When Designers Outsource (To Other Designers) 11
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7 Situations When Designers Outsource (To Other Designers)

Have you ever missed a client deadline because you were too busy? Ever had a client request a type of design that you don’t offer? One of the best kept secrets of successful designers and studios is ‘designer-to-designer’ outsourcing. Designer-to-designer outsourcing involves one designer (such as a web design firm or graphic design studio) using another designer (often a freelance designer or sub-contractor) to help complete designs for their own clients. While there are scores of freelancers available (probably many in your own city), there are some emerging, and very powerful, online services that are setup specifically for designers seeking to outsource client projects.


By Chris Peterson
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Create A News Aggregation Website With PHP RSS Reader

Imagine if there was a way to provide new, relevant content from thousands of different sources every minute, automatically on your website. How much more eager would a user be to come back for more? This is exactly why PHP RSS Reader was created, to give you the opportunity to automatically provide your users with an incredible amount of information in a compelling, simplistic format and provide this new, relevant content every single minute!

PHP RSS Reader is a full blown news aggregation script programmed in PHP that allows you to provide your users with fresh content 24/7.

By Chris Peterson
How to Get Free Content and Media Hosting at 12
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How to Get Free Content and Media Hosting at

Let’s say you’ve created a video or image you want to share, but you don’t want it saved to your computer. You want to save it in a safe place, where you can access it at any time. You want some storage options, and the ability to share it in multiple file formats… or keep it private. You want its original integrity to stay intact. And you want complete control.

You’re picky… but you have a right to be. Good thing was designed for content creators like you. At, you’ll get all of the above and more—plus it’s free.


By Chris Peterson