9 Free Tools For Creating A Fantastic Resume

9 Free Tools For Creating A Fantastic Resume 1

In today’s extremely competitive job market, you need to ensure that your resume truly stands out. We found 9 great tools to assist in creating a resume that is a cut above the rest. Go the extra mile when creating your resume, and make a polished document that you can be truly proud of.

  1. Choose a striking template

Let the fun begin. Decide on a resume template that will truly reflect your personal style. Hloom offers over 270 professional and creative free resume templates to choose from.

  1. Use a resume builder

Use online resume builder to create online version of your resume. Resumebaking.com provides you with all the ingredients to ‘bake’ a perfect resume – free. One of the perks of this platform is that you will be able to see how many times your resume has been viewed and downloaded.


  1. Pick the right profile photo

Should you decide to use a photo on your resume, then Photofeeler is the way to go. It provides unbiased feedback on your profile photo and can indicate how smart, likable and even trustworthy your photos are.

  1. Keyword / SEO optimization

Several companies make use of applicant tracking software when doing short-listing. By making use of Wordle, you can easily do a keyword search on job descriptions and advertisements. Incorporate these keywords/ SEO into your resume and voila – success!

  1. Make use of a grammar and spell check tool

One of the things that make recruiters cringe is bad spelling and grammar. Grammarly is an extremely user friendly tool to assist with finding and correcting any mistakes within your resume.

  1. PDF your document

It is a good idea to PDF your resume before applying for positions. This will ensure that your layout remains preserved and that employers view your resume as you intended it to be. PrimoPDF is a PDF creator that you can download for free.

  1. Grade your resume

RezScores literally assigns a grade to your resume. Get an outside opinion on the brevity, impact and depth of your resume. With this helpful tool, you can simply upload your resume and get instant feedback and tips.

  1. Match your resume to your job search

Use your finalized resume and match it to job descriptions to determine if you have a good fit. Jobscan is a great way to generate a match-rate percentage within seconds. Use this information to possibly tweak your resume to ensure a better match for specific positions.

  1. Make use of on-line networking

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, then now is the time to get connected. Consider adding your LinkedIn URL on your resume, but only if you have a well-developed profile.

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