7 Free Online Backup Tools & Plans

The concept of online data backup is not very old and it is getting very popular because it allows companies and organizations to keep online backup of their important data. There are many services that offer free online data backup plans but many of them restrict you heavily as to how much data you can backup. Beside that the free online data backup plan is usually the same as compared to their premium offering.

In this post, we have gathered 7 free online backup plans for you. All of them are free to use and offer enough space to back up your data. So, as long as these free data backup plans have enough storage space and meet your criteria, you can have a complete and permanent backup solution for free. Enjoy!

As we have already published a post about Online Backup Tools. Now we have gathered another useful collection of some Online Backup Tools and Plans for our readers.


Symform offers 10 GB of free online backup space. Permanently.

Bitcasa Free


Cyphertite Basic gives you 8 GB of backup space for free.

Jottacloud Free


ElephantDrive Lite Edition