Free Collection Of HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery Search Forms

Search form is one of the most common and important feature in every website. It makes the website easier to use for the viewers. It gives any website a more professional look and at the same time helps it in becoming user friendly hence appealing to the users. It helps the users to navigate through the website with ease and also to search the required information quickly. It can be safely inferred that a search box increases a website’s design and durability infinitely hence it is imperative that it is styled to perfection and for this purpose designers use CSS3 HTML5 and JQuery. Developers can design these search boxes themselves or they can get the required help online from the free CSS3, HTML5 and JQuery forms available online. But picking the search form that’s perfect for the website is crucial.

Therefore today we have put together a collection of latest free CSS3, HTML5 & jQuery search forms to save everyone trouble from searching so go ahead and have a look!!

Search Box With Suggestion Dropdown

Pulsating CSS3 Input Search Box

Search Bar Animation (.psd, HTML & CSS)

Google Powered Site Search with jQuery

jQuery Plugin for On-demand Search Box: SeacrhMeme

jQuery and CSS3 “Next Level” Animation Search Form

Clean Search Form, CSS3/jQuery + PSD

Design A Beautiful CSS3 Search Form

How To Create A Cool And Usable CSS3 Search Box

CSS3 Search Box

CSS3 Search Box With On-Focus Suggestion Box

Realistic Soft Search Box In Pure CSS

Mini Search Filter

Create a Drop Down Menu with Search Box in CSS3 and HTML

How to Code an Expanding HTML5/CSS3 Search Input Field

Some CSS styles for your search box II

CSS Only Full Width Search Form

Search Bar

Flexible Search Box

Expanding Search Bar Deconstructed

Css3 Search Box Inspired By

Animated Search Form

Glowing Pulse Form

GrooveShark Search Box with CSS3

Creating A Rocking CSS3 Search Box

CSS3 Search Form

“Loooong” The Sarch Bar

Expandable Mobile Search Form

Create Beautiful Form Fields Using CSS And Images

Rocking And Rolling Rounded Menu With Jquery