The Most Essential Apps For Smartphones You Can’t Live Without

There is no industry standard definition of a smartphone. For some, a smartphone is a phone that runs complete operating system software providing a standardized interface and platform for application developers. For others, a smartphone is simply a phone with advanced features like e-mail, Internet and e-book reader capabilities, and/or a built-in full keyboard or external USB keyboard and VGA connector. In other words, it is a miniature computer that has phone capability. As now more and more people are enjoying their smartphone with them wherever they go so we thought to bring some really useful smartphone applications for you. Today we are listing down The Most Essential Apps For Smartphones You Can’t Live Without.

Google Mobile App

You can use Google Mobile App to search fast from your phones. It has some stunning features like you can speak your queries instead of typing, use pictures to search the web, avoid typing your current location while searching for nearby businesses (e.g. “pizza” or “best buy”). You can also quickly navigate to other Google services, such as Maps and Gmail. Available on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Nokia S60.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express software is more than a mobile photo editor, it lets you upload, view and share your photos. Available on iPhone/iPad and Android.


Waze is a free social mobile app that enables drivers to build and use live maps, real-time traffic updates and turn-by-turn navigation for an optimal commute. This is 100% powered by users the more you drive the better it gets. Available on iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile, Symbian Other devices.

Skype mobile

Skype mobile is available on almost all the latest smartphones. You can enjoy free Skype-to-Skype calls and IM, you can call abroad direct from your smartphone using skype. Obviously, WiFi connection or mobile data plan required to use this on smartphones. Available on Apple, Android, SonyEricsson and Nokia (selected) smartphones.

Dropbox Anywhere

With Dropbox Anywhere, you can sync photos and videos to your Dropbox. You can download files for offline viewing and upload your pictures from your phone to share it with your friends/relatives instantly. Available on iPhone/iPad,
Android and BlackBerry.


Tweet on the go with all your favorite TweetDeck features. TweetDeck shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organized and up to date no matter where you are. Available on iPhone/iPad and, Android.

Mint Mobile Apps

You can now track, budget and manage your money with Mint’s mobile apps to make your life easier than ever. This app lets you track all your accounts right from your smartphone and manage your personal finances in real time and on-the-go. Available on iPhone and Android.


Evernote works by connecting all the computers and phones you use daily, allowing  you to capture something in one place and then access it from another. Available on Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Palm Pre / Palm Pixi.

eBuddy Mobile

Let’s enjoy the best chat experience with eBuddy. It’s specially designed for your smartphone that make you stay online when you get a call, new message alerts and easy to switch between chats. Available on iPhone, Android and Mobile devices.