Mojo Helpdesk Performs Best As Online Ticket-Based HelpDesk And Issue Tracking App

The customer services departments of nearly all organizations tag each complaint with a number. This number is the complaint’s ticket. In case you want to track the complaint and check its status, you search for its ticket number in the status. The ticket therefore greatly simplifies handling and solving complaints.

Mojo Helpdesk is an online ticket-based helpdesk and issue tracking application used for tracking customer support cases within an organization.

The best features of this valuable service are offered under its 5 different paid plans but a free version is available for trial purposes.

After creating your account and logging in, you will fill out details of yourself and your company.

You will also get an access key that can be used with widgets and APIs.

Initially your dashboard will not have any tickets on it.

You can easily create new tickets by clicking the “+New ticket” link on the left.

To properly make use of your Mojo Helpdesk account, you will add other users to your account. Then anyone can generate a ticket, queue it up in the proper section, and assign it to particular user. The ticket’s priority and creator will also be visible to anybody who sees it.

Managing customer complaints within a company can become a complicated issue when there are many departments involved; however Mojo Helpdesk simplifies the entire matter and provides its services at reasonable rate.

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