Backup Data Stored On Email Servers And Online Social Networks With Backupify

Through emails and online social networks, you share a lot of information with your friends. This includes photographs, videos, documents, and a lot more. All this data is stored on the website you are using. In case of a website glitch or a mistake by you, the data is removed you would lose many important things. Take Facebook for instance; if your data was removed from there you would lose photos, videos, notes, wall posts, event dates, and probably even more. Backupify is a tool that prevents such situations.

Backupify is a web service that can be used to backup the data you store on email servers and online social networks. The site offers free and paid packages, with the free package offering 2 GB of backup storage. A number of websites are supported including Flickr, Twitter, Delicious, Zoho, Google Docs, Photobucket, WordPress, Basecamp, Gmail, Facebook, FriendFeed, Blogger, Hotmail, Picasa Web Albums, Google Contacts, and Google Calendar.

After signing up for an account and logging in to it, you can start adding your accounts from the abovementioned websites to be backed up. If you are using the free package you will be able to add only one account per service.

To view the backups you can access the “Archive” page from where you select an added service.

Once the service is selected, your backed up data is shown in a simple interface.

The “History” page records all successful and unsuccessful backups.

If you want to view your account details, simply enter the “Profile” page which is also where you can upgrade your account from.

Overall the service is a great way to secure the data store on your online email and social networking accounts. The free package will suit most internet users; if not, the paid packages are quite economical and provide great storage capacity.