Create HTML Forms Online With Formsite

If you wish to create dynamic HTML forms that you can use to collect data or conduct surveys, Formsite may suit your needs.  Formsite allows you to build forms for a number of different cases including registration, reservation, product evaluation, order placement etc.  With Formsite, you can build and publish dynamic and professional forms within minutes.  It provides a number of ready made form templates that you can use to create your forms, or alternatively it gives you a tool to create your own customized forms.  Once your form is submitted and you get the responses, you can statistically  analyze the results and download your data for offline processing.

The free version of Formsite has no expiration but you need to limit your activity up to 5 forms, 50 items per form, 10 results per form, 100 submits per month and overall 50MB file storage.

Key features of Formsite include:

Credit Cards:  You can integrate credit card processing and order placement forms that interact with certain payment gateways like Paypal and Google Checkout.  It supports automatic totaling, quantities, percentages and coupon codes.  Formsite is SSL enabled and provides a secure environment for credit card processing.

Save & Return:  Formsite allows users to partially save their forms and return later to resume submission and fill-in rest of the form.  All the users have individual accounts and can only view their own data.

Captcha:  Formsite supports captcha spam protection so that you will only get legitimate results.

Attachments:  Formsite allows you to attach files with your answers, and you can also put limits on file sizes.

Multi-Page:  Formsite allows you to split your long forms into multiple pages and gives users option to save partial forms.

Conditional Branching: Formsite allows you to control and customize the flow of your forms using conditional branching so that you can show/hide different options and navigate to different pages based on user responses.

Graphs:  Formsite allows you to view your results in graphical format that helps you analyzing your data.  It performs grouping and statistical analysis based on the responses you get from your users.

Download Results:  Formsite allows you to download your results for manual data processing or to import into any other application.  It also gives an option to download your attachments as well.

Email Notifications:  Formsite allows you to send messages or results via email and it also allows you to customize the content of the email.  You can also send receipts to your users with Formsite.

Publish on your website:  With no programming effort, Formsite gives an option to publish your form or survey on your website.