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What Lastest Trends Should Be Use By Designers And Developers For Best Viewing Experience Of Any Website?

Every web developer or web designer wants to have their website to give users the same best experience no matter what the users screen size/resolution/operating system/browser is, but let’s face the fact,  screen size/resolution/operating system/browser does effect website experience.

I get asked the question often, especially by web developers and designers, what is the most common type of  screen size/resolution/operating system/browser. Well, to identify this we started capturing data on  screen size/resolution/operating system/browser for people who visited our SmashingApps.com. This is what we found

Screen Resolution Statistics

Screen Resolution Graph

We found in the above graph that now a days most common screen resolution used by the  visitor is 1280×1024 while 1024×768 is on 2nd number and 1280×800 is on the 3rd for SmashingApps.

Browser Statistics

Browser Graph

We found in the above browser statistics graph that now a days most common browser used by the visitor is Mozilla Firefox while Microsoft Internet Explorer is on 2nd number and Safari is on the 3rd for SmashingApps.

Operating System Statistics

Operating System Graph

We found in the above operating system statistics graph that most common OS used by the visitor is Microsoft Windows while Machintosh is on 2nd number and Linux is on the 3rd for SmashingApps.

Browser and Operating System Combination Statistics

Browser and Operating System Combination Graph

We found in the above browser and operating system combination statistics graph that most common browser and operating system combination used by the visitor is Firefox with Microsoft Windows while Internet Explorer with Windows is on 2nd number and Firefox with Machintosh is on the 3rd for SmashingApps.


By analyzing all of the above graph, designer or developer find a latest trends and combination of website visitors browsing experience. This way its easy to make sure that websites are giving best experience to the visitors and the real message and design what you are presenting!

I think all the above factors are very important to consider in every new or exisiting website. I believe that the best viewing experience of website helps the person to navigate and enjoy. It also helps to give a good impression on visitors mind.

So check now, whether your website gives the real viewing experience to the viewers or you will need to optimize your website with the current trends of viewing experience. To check where your visitors come from, how they Interact with your site and what are the current viewing experience, track with Google Analytics for free!

It would be great if you will share your experiences with us about best viewing experience.

gOS Is Born! A Free Web Operating System For The New Generation

In the todays world everything we used to do offline is online now, even we are at home, on campus, at work or travelling foreign we have broadband internet everywhere to access our online applications for free, we use google docs to process our documents for free, we use gmail to check all our e-mails for free, we use meebo to get in touch with our friends(on gtalk, msn, aol, yahoo messenger) for free, we use flickr to manage our pictures for free, we use YouTube to watch our videos for free, we use wikipedia to access our encyclopedia & we use last.fm to listen to our music.

For the general people, who use the computer in there daily activity and don’t need a full fledged Operating System with many of pre installed applications, spend thousands of dollar on softwares, firewalls, anti virus to purchase and worry all the time about the computer crashing and loosing there data.

Now we have gOS as an operating system build for one purpose providing support and easy access to online web applications.
gOS Logo
In simple terms instead of the icons on our computer pointint to applications, in gOS we have icons pointing directly to our online web applications.

gOS - A new operating system is born!
Technically gOS is a cut down version of ubuntu 7.10 dektop, who’s focus is online applications like gmail, google news, google maps, youTube, mebo and many more.

It’s a neat Linux distribution which is made for shifting our regular desktop apps to online apps. The OS is based on linux so you can definately install desktop apps such as open office etc but its core focus is web2.0 sites and online applications. Shifting desktop to web. And best of all gOS is absolutely free for everyone! just download and install it on your computer and start using operating system for new generation.