45 Free Design Resources: HTML5, CSS, UI Kits And PSDs

In this compilation, you will discover around 4 exceptional and very useful HTML5, CSS, UI Kits and PSD resources that will in the long run help you keep your creativity alive. These resources will come in handy in particular when you need to develop certain design that requires these resources. Following is the list of some of the best HTML, CSS and PSD templates and UI kits.

Without any further ado, here we are presenting the complete list. Do let us know what you think about this compilation. Feel free to share your opinions and comments with us via comment section below. Enjoy!

Free HTM5/CSS Templates


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Legend: Free Responsive One Page Template

( Demo | Download )

Free Restaurant Website Template

( Demo | Download )

Escape Velocity

( Demo | Download )

Free Website Template for Car Business

( Demo | Download )

Cafe – Free Template

( Demo | Download )

TXT A Responsive Site Template

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Free UI Kits

Free UI Kit [PSD]

( Download )

Flat Ui Kit Coded Rebound

( Download )

Clean UI Kit

( Download )

Flat UI kit (psd)

( Download )

UI Kit for Marvel App

( Download )

Minimal UI Kit

( Download )

Ui Kit

( Download )

Free Musicapp Ui Kit

( Download )

Pizza UI Kit

( Download )

Light UI/UX Kit

( Download )

Food App Kit iOS 7

( Download )

About us & Metrics

( Download )

Flat UI Kit

( Download )

Flat UI Kit

( Download )

Transparent UI kit

( Download )

Free PSD’s Files

Free Moto 360 Mockup

( Download )

Team Conversation Icon

( Download )

50 FREE Icons

( Download )

Cellphone payment (PSD)

( Download )

Collection icon design with signals

( Download )

Flat Devices

( Download )

Flat Icons

( Download )

Round World Flags

( Download )

Heart shape button and icon (PSD)

( Download )

Map Pointer Icon (PSD)

( Download )

Plush UI Toggles PSD

( Download )

Identity Theft icon

( Download )

Packing box, shipping icon (PSD)

( Download )

Transparent iPhone Mockup + PSD

( Download )

Menu Unwrap Menu

( Download )

Wooden Sign Template (PSD)

( Download )


( Download )

Email Newsletter

( Download )

Expand menu button

( Download )

Medical Icon Pack

( Download )

40 Fresh And Free WordPress Themes

Here we have come up with some fresh and free to download WordPress themes. WordPress is famous all around the world and millions are people are using WordPress. There is a huge variety of WordPress themes that help you personalize your WordPress website. Every WordPress theme provides some exceptional and wonderful features that are extremely helpful for your work. Furthermore, you can easily choose a custom theme that matches with your website niche as well as looks professional.

Here we are showcasing some fresh and excellent templates that you can use for free. These templates will make your website stand out from the crowd and also leave a long lasting impression on your customers’ minds. Have a look at this collection. Enjoy!


( Demo | Download )

News WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )

Catch Kathmandu

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Santorini Resort WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Tourism WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Ex Astris

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Neon light WordPress theme

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Appz WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )

17 Free Awesome Hand-Drawn Icon Sets

Looking for some hand-drawn and classy icon sets? If your answer is yes, then look no further. In this compilation we are presenting 17 excellent hand-drawn icon sets for free download. There was a time when you like certain modern themed icon sets with all those slick, shiny and glossy gradient colors, but hand-drawn icon sets are something that can never go out of fashion. These hand-drawn icon sets embody a personal feeling in your design setting it apart from other ordinary designs.

These hand-drawn icons can be used in any website design to spice it up or to showcase a playful side. You can also communicate with your clients through these hand-drawn icon sets as they create a personal feel in your design. Here is the full collection after the jump. Enjoy!

Set of 20 Hand Drawn Social Media Icons – WDB vol2

Hand Drawn Web FREE icon set

100 Free Hand-Drawn Icons

Ubo icon set is Hand drawn, GIMP coloured beauty

Cooking Icons

Jolly Icons Free

Sketchy Social Media Icons Free Vector

24 Free Exclusive Vector Icons: ‘Handy’

BBD ICONS Updated 27 08 2011

Sketchy Social Media Icons Freebie

Watercolor Free Icon Pack

Hand drawn social media icons

Free Hand Traced Icon Set

eIceCandy Icon Pack for Android

Hand-drawn Social Media Icons

70 Hand Drawn Arrows PS Shapes

Ramshackle – Drawn Icons

9 Superb Places To Find Fresh Free Design Resources

Are you looking for some fresh design resources? If your answer is yes, then look no further. In this compilation, we are sharing some good design resources. Though, there are dozens of resources available on the internet but not all of them worth your time. Moreover, at times it becomes quite difficult to find out some quality resources.

Below, we are listing down 9 places you can find fresh design resources from. We hope you like this collection. Do let us know what you think about this collection. Also drop us a line if we have missed some good websites that provide quality resources. We will add them in our next collection. Enjoy!


Pixeden is hard at work providing quality premium and free web resources and graphic design templates. Enjoy!


Brusheezy is a HUGE collection of Photoshop Brushes, Photoshop Patterns, Textures, PSDs, Actions, Shapes, Styles, & Gradients to download, or share!


PixelsDaily is a collection of free, pixel-perfect PSDs, vectors, icons, and HTML/CSS snippets for designers.

Subtle Patterns

Free high quality patterns for your next web project.

Best PSD Freebies

Download Free PSD Photoshop Resources for Web Design.

Graphic Burger

Tasty design resources made with care for each pixels.


Dribbble is a place to show and tell, promote, discover, and explore design.

Agile Designers

Stop wasting your time hunting for resources! Discover the best resources sorted by popularity. Save your favorites and organize them.


PSDDD is a collection of beautiful resources for the creative professional.

15 Free Calligraphy Fonts for Designers

Choosing the right type of font for the design plays a crucial role in the success of any design. Selecting right kind of font for the design not only creates a special feel in the design but also facilitates you in conveying your message in an effective way. There are loads of quality fonts available on the internet for your use. Some are free while some are paid, but not all of them are suitable for all types of design.
Here, we have some beautiful Calligraphy fonts for you that are available for free download. These fonts are ideal for script or calligraphy related designs. All these fonts represent different styles, so you will have a plenty of variety. Enjoy and have a look!

Billion Stars

Angilla Tattoo

Young & Beautiful

Birds of Paradise

Always Beside You

Before the Rain




Intrique Script

Ink In The Meat

Sverige Script


Echinos Park Script


Collection Of Free High-Quality Line Icon Sets

The concept of minimalism in web development industry has been welcomed open heartedly, and it refers to a design style where design and graphics elements have been reduced to its bare elements in order to concentrate on the main and important elements like content and navigation. Though there are many ways to achieve a simple and effective minimalist aesthetic, but incorporating line icons always turn out to be too good.

Here, we are showcasing some of free to use and high quality line icon sets for you. Feel free to download them and use them in your work.
Note: All of these line icon sets are free to use but it is advisable to check the license before using them for your commercial use.

Simple Line Icons


24 Free Icons

Budicon – 48 Free Line Icon


Thin Icons Psd

40 Sympletts Free

Line Icon Set For UI


Simple Line Icons

Free Outline Icons

Free Social Media Line Icon Set

Feather Icon Set

Thin Stroke 56 Icon Set

100 Free iOS7 Vector Icons


Other Icons

25 Line Icons

Linecons Free

icon pack for ios 7

20 settings line icons

Vectory Mini

24 Ecommerce Line Icons

Tab Bar Icons iOS 7


Bold Icons 2.0

Line Icon Set

Free Pictograms

Simple Icons

Free Skinny icons

20 Thin Line Icons


Cicons: 40 Outline Icons


24 Free icons

Simplicons (Free Download)

Tab Bar Icons iOS 7 Vol3

Elegant Yet Free HTML5 Web Templates And Layouts

In this article, we are showcasing some beautiful and free HTML5 templates for you. However, in the past we have already posted several collection regarding free HTML & CSS templates, but this time we have brought a list of templates that are designed by using HTML5 and CSS3.

Now a days, HTML5 is very popular and essential and html5 templates are the hottest topics for the web developers, the templates that we have listed here in this collection both the HTML5 based and CSS3 based will definitely help you make your website more accessible than before.
Here, we are presenting some professional HTML5 and CSS3 templates that are free to download. We hope you enjoy this assortment.

Scandinavian Chic in Free HTML5 Theme for Restaurant Site

( Demo | Download )

Blink Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

HTML5 Theme for Design Studio

( Demo | Download )

Free Responsive HTML5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

BisLite Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

Minimal HTML5 Template for Organic Food Website

( Demo | Download )

zAgroPlus – Free Responsive Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

Our Favorite Creepy Creation from This Week

( Demo | Download )

BurnStudio Responsive Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

Free HTML5 Theme for Portfolio

( Demo | Download )

zGourmet – Free Responsive Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

Design Studio Free HTML5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

HighFashion Responsive Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

Simplex Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

Free HTML5 Agro Theme with jQuery Fade Slider

( Demo | Download )

Caprice Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

Zeenceslight Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

Free HTML5 Business Theme in Clean Corporate Style

( Demo | Download )

WeddingSite Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

Nina Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

HeavyIndustry Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

FacebukLight Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

zConsulting – Free Responsive Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

zRockBand – Free Responsive Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

zBusinessCo – Free Responsive Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

zProgress – Free Responsive Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

zDesignCom – Free Responsive Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

zStartUp – Free Responsive Css3 Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

zCorporate – Free Responsive Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

zParalexy – Free Responsive Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

zBlogging – Free Responsive Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

[FREE] Coming Soon Responsive HTML Website Template: SeeYa

( Demo | Download )

zGallering – Free Responsive Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

zGreenFood – Free Responsive Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

ImCreative Responsive Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

PetClub Html5 Theme

( Demo | Download )

HTML5 Theme Updated to Version 2.0

( Demo | Download )

Free Html5 Template

( Demo | Download )

Free And Fresh Icons In PSD For Web Designers

Finding out high quality PSD files is like a blessing for the web designers because they not only cut down their working time but also save them from doing extra effort. We regularly share several PSDs collection for the web designers. This time we are sharing some icons in PSD format for you so that you can edit or modify them whenever you need to use them. All these icons in PSD format are available for free download.
Here is the full collection after the jump. We hope that you will like this collection and find these PSD files useful for you. Also, since the files are in PSD format, you may add a few of your personal touch to make more. All the PSD files are completely editable to match your requirements.

Shopping Icons


Money Rain And Umbrella

Academic Icon Set

Flat Icons

Download To Smartphone Icon

Team conversation Icon

Cellphone payment

28 Free Vector Line Icons

Orb Icon Freebie

Vector Cart Icon

Copy And Duplicate Icon

Map Pointer Icon

Food Icons

16 Flat Web Icons

Hangloose Icon Set

Freebie: Medical Icon Pack

Expand Menu Button

50 Fantastic And Free Web UI Kits

With this collection, we are showcasing a fresh assortment of some free user interface kits for you so that you can download them and simplify your work process. Resources such as user interface kits are meant to expedite your work flow by allowing you carry out certain actions quickly thus helping you to improve your productivity as well.

With these UI kits, you can quickly mockup a professional solution in no time, and then customize the files into a bespoken solution.
Here is the complete list of more than 50 fresh and useful user interface kits for you. We hope that these resources will help you in making the development process faster as well as easier. Enjoy!

Dark Gloss UI Kit

Dark Blue UI Set PSD

GameCenter Pack

Free UI Set 2 PSD

Bootstrap 3 Flat UI

Spotify Redesign UI KIT PSD

Custom Date Picker Freebie

Free PSD iOS 7 UI Kit

Polaris UI Kit

Jelo Mail App

Free PSD: Trendy UI Kit

Impressionist UI Kit

Zoomer PSD Website Template

Flat DropDown

Price Range UI

Tab Interface Widget

Minimal UI Kit

Weather app

Free PSD: Square UI Kit

Notification Pop Out Menu

Round Buttons

Another Flat UI Kit

Free PSD & HTML: Flat UI Kit

Soccer Widget

Mini Player

Stat Widget

iPhone Mini UI Kit

Pricing Tables

Free PSD: Hanna UI Kit

Flat UI kit (psd)

Simple UI Kit

Trip Journal App

Message App UI

UI Kit

Coffee Web Ui Kit

Flat UI Kit

Flat Blog UI Kit

Freebie + Invitations + Dribbble app concept

Matric Flat UI Kit

Flat Admin UI – PSD Template

UI Kit

This Looks Great Psd Ui Kit #1

Chart Widget (with PSD)

Freebie PSD: Desert UI Kit

iPhone UI

Free PSD UI Kit

Free Flat Ui Design

City Break UI Kit

Folia UI – PSD Kit

Blog/Magazine UI Kit

20 Free Light Effects Photoshop Brushes

Adobe Photoshop is the most widely used designing tool in the designing industry. It has been used in photo manipulations, graphics designing, web designing, abstracts art designing and many others. With so many tools, Photoshop has made its place in the every designer’s toolbox. For this round up, we are showcasing 20 excellent abstract Photoshop brushes for creating beautiful light effects.
Let us take a look at this collection and enjoy creating flawlessly brilliant light effects with these brushes. You can download these brushes for free. Enjoy!

Light Explosion Pack

IES Spot Light Brushes

Camera & Sun Glare Brushes

Motion Light Effects

Elegant Soft Light Brushes

Spark, Fire, and Fireworks Brushes

22 Rays of Light Brushes

Sharp Abstract

Galactic Brushes

Unreal Brushes

Sparkling Light Effects

Simen 91′s Star and Light-effect Brushes

Radiant Brush Set

Ecol Brushes

Sui generis Brushes

Abstract XI

Abstract Brushset XIV

Abstract Brushes Vol 2

Glow Brushes I

Abstract 04

12 Free HTML5 And Responsive WordPress Themes

We all know very well that HTML5 comes with so many advanced and the latest features that give us awesome results and also make web designing industry more strong. This is the reason that every web designer and developer is talking about HTML5 and this year it becomes a hottest topic of discussion.

Another beautiful collection of free and useful HTML5 WordPress Themes for you is presented here. HTML5 WordPress themes make web designers or web developers work really easy for them and also save their precious time. One more thing that is well appreciated by web designers as well as web developers is that HTML5 WordPress themes are simple to handle and easy to use.

It is once again our pleasure to share with you what we have gathered from all over the web so to help you with your masterpieces. Click through and feel free to download these wonderful HTML5 WordPress themes. We hope that you will like this collection. Feel free to share your opinion with us. Enjoy!

Celestial – Lite

( Demo | Download )

Celestial Lite is a Bootstrap responsive theme incorporating a flexible grid system, crisp lines, Unlimited colours, post formats of: Aside, image, status, and quotes, plus you get a much better WP gallery style, HTML5, CSS3, Translation readiness, social networking, more than 12 widget positions, page templates, styled form elements, and more.


( Demo | Download )

Fully Responsive Theme using Twitter Bootstrap with Metro Styled Accent. This theme is will make your website adaptable with mobile devices. Theme Features: Custom Homepage Settings, 3 Page Templates, Custom Background Support, Search Engine Friendly.

Memori Jingga

( Demo | Download )

Responsive, Clean, HTML5, Simple WordPress themes.

Catch Everest

( Demo | Download )

Catch Everest is Simple, Clean and Responsive WordPress Theme which automatically adapts to the screen’s size, ensuring that your content is always displayed beautifully no matter what device visitors are using. It is based in HTML5, CSS3 and very own Catch Themes easy to use Theme Options panel which makes this theme highly customizable and flexible. Make your beautiful yet professional website in no time.


( Demo | Download )

Circled is extremely light, yet very robust providing many features that you need for showing off your work! The projects are displayed like you’ve never seen before, in perfectly round circles with beautiful captions.


( Demo | Download )

Pinboard – HTML5 wordpress theme. The theme has a responsive layout optimized for the most common devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.Pinboard has been designed with showcasing content in mind. It has several options for layout and the number of columns on which content is displayed and has a portfolio section if you wish to elegantly show your work.


( Demo | Download )

Bunker is based on ZURB Foundation css thus making it fully responsive to mobile phone, tablet or just simply a smaller size of screen resolution. Bunker is just as easy as other theme to used. Just create a post and publish.


( Demo | Download )

The Dandelion theme is highly flexible, so changing the color scheme is super simple and for the most parts you won’t need an image editor. Dandelion theme is best suited for any business, portfolio, photography and personal sites.

Premium HTML5 Corporate WordPress Theme free download

( Demo | Download )

Striking is an extremely powerful and flexible wordpress theme – actually a “Super Premium” theme as it has extraordinary features and coding that are not found in the normal premium WP theme.


( Demo | Download )

SemPress is a highly semantic, HTML5 template, responsive and seo optimized. SemPress supports most of the new HTML5 tags, the new HTML5 input-types, microformats, microformats v2 and microdata.


( Demo | Download )

A modern, minimalistic, accessible, super clean, WP theme built with the latest W3C standards (HTML5 and CSS3).


( Demo | Download )

A dark, html5-based wordpress theme.

50 Outstanding Yet Free Photoshop Brush Packs For Your Designs

Web designers commonly use Photoshop software for their every design because Photoshop make their work easy, provide them outstanding features and save their precious time too. This is the reason that every web designer is always ready to add new and fresh Photoshop tutorials and brushes sets in their toolbox.

Once again, it is our pleasure to share with you another amazing collection of 50 fresh and free Photoshop brush packs. Have a look at these outstanding brushes sets and use them in your projects and make your projects more creative and eye-catching. You can also download all these Photoshop brush packs free of cost. All these Photoshop brush packs are in high quality. Do let us know what you feel about this round up. Enjoy and stay creative.

18 Electrifying Lightning Brush Strikes

Electrify your artwork with these 18 stunning lightning brush strikes! They’re easy and come in 3 of the most useful formats:

Spray splatter brush pack

This pack contains 12 FREE Photoshop brushes in high resolution up to 2500 px. Excellent for grunge and dirty effects , backgrounds and textures.

Free Technical PS Brushes

Here we share with you a new pack of free Photoshop Brushes. Free Technical PS Brushes is made from old technical drawings. Hope you enjoy this free PS Brushes Pack.

Assassin Brush

This set contains beautiful Assassin Brush for your design.

Rivets Brushes

This little set of rivet brushes is one for steampunk and grunge fans, or just getting that constructional, industrial look. There’s a tutorial included in the pack to help you get the best from these rivets brushes.

Dream Beam

This set contains 2 beautiful Dream Beam brushes.

Beautiful Feather Brush Pack (6 Feathers)

Beautiful Feather Brush Pack created by ARG410 This is a simple Beautiful Feather Brush Pack with six (6) feathers.

Texture Abstract Mayksom Brushes

Great pack of 11 Texture Abstract Mayksom Brushes free to use. Download and enjoy! Remember to visit if you download Texture Abstract Mayksom Brushes

Electric Flow brushes photoshop

This set contains 15 brushes made with Photoshop CS4.

Petals brushes photoshop

Was just messing around in Photoshop and came up with these. 8 Brushes made in CS5.

Space Brushes Collection

Create you own universe with this collection of 38 space brushes. I deal for the sci-fi artist, many of these space brushes were created from real space photographs in the public domain. Stars, galaxies, comets, asteroids, constellations, and even a space station. The preview picture was made entirely using these brushes. Full instructions and PSD included.

Wet Grunge Brushes Set

A set of 9 wet grunge Photoshop Brushes. All brushes are in high-res and they good for high-def work. With Wet Grunge Brushes Set you cen get cool watercolor effect. Download and enjoy!

Destroyed Ornament Brushes

This brush pack contains 6 free Destroyed Ornament Brushes made with Photoshop CS6. I was playing with brush options, scaling texture up and down, increasing and decreasing to get best result.

Cool Splatter Free Brush Set

Everything for you that loves photoshop!

Corner Flourishes Brush Set

Corner Flourishes Brush Set. Compatible with Photoshop CS and above. These brushes are high resolution – 2300 to 2500 pixels.

Splatter Photoshop Brushes

Splatter brushes for photoshop. .ABR file included.

Abstract Brushes 12

This set contains 11 Brushes, Enjoy everyone, Also they only work in CS and CS 2.

Abstract Brushes 13

Includes 12 sexy brushes from an upcoming collab between my friend ~RickJames5465 and myself, we have both worked very hard on the collab and I have compiled this brush set to help others get a good start on 3d abstract or if you just want to make a cool signature

Handmade Halos 2 brush set

Another set of halo brushes! People did some gorgeous things with the last set, and I hope this one is as much fun!

Free Grunge Photoshop Brushes

Digital Revolutions is proud to announce the release of our latest batch of free photoshop brushes. This time, the pack is full of 12, hi-resolution grunge brushes that can be used in a variety of ways to spice up your designs. Grunge is a popular theme in art, and these free brushes can help you out.

Floral Banners

Vintage Banners Free Photoshop Brushes by Romenigps

Cells brush set

This set contains brushes of large ‘cells’ with a retro feel.

Photoshop Leaf Brushes

This is my third set of photoshop leaf brushes. Like my other brushes you can use these for whatever you want, personal or commercial, for free. Enjoy! Photoshop Leaf Brushes.

5 High Resolution Mountain and Rocks Brushes

This Rocks Brush set consists of 5 High resolution mountain and rock brushes. No sharp edges let you easy mix them.

Photoshop Circular Brushes

This is a set of circular photoshop brushes. You can use any of my brushes for whatever you want, personal or commercial, for free. Enjoy! Photoshop Circular Brushes

Hi Resolution Cloud Brushes

These are 14 hi-resolution original cloud brushes in .abr, for illustrations, etc.

Photoshop Swirl Brushes

This is a set of photoshop swirl brushes. You can use any of my resources for whatever you want, personal or commercial, for free. Enjoy! Photoshop Swirl Brushes

Photoshop Stamp Brushes

This is a set of photoshop stamp brushes. You can use any of my resources for whatever you want, personal or commercial, for free. Enjoy! Photoshop Stamp Brushes.

Mediocre Tape Brushes Pt. 1

Digital smoke free PS brushes

Digital smoke brushes contains 15 absolutely free Photoshop brushes. Brushes are in high resolution – 2500 x 2500 px.

sTC-Epica 1

TC-EPICA-I is a brushset of 10 artistic brushes which can be used for textures, effects and smudging. Please give a fav for the download and consider a little donation of points at our mainpage.

Photoshop Brushes: Marble #1

19 Nature Silhouettes Trees & Grass Brushes

This set contains a nice pack of 19 Nature Photoshop Brushes.

Mabecman’s SCREENTONES Halftone Brushes

34 Free Hi Res screentone halftone brushes. Use these halftone brushes for your next project.

Raindrops Brushes of Colour

Simple raindrop brushes to liven up an image. Cover your page with raindrops and see the effect it makes :)

Free Leaf Brushes

One more nature related freebie available for download today: a set of leaf brushes. There are 12 high resolution brushes great to use in different design projects, from websites to flyers and brochures.

Smudge and Splatter Brushes

These splatter brushes are made for smudging and clipping masks Message “Nater360″ on deviant art if you want some help!

Cherry Blossom 1

Say hi to a new big pack of sakura buds and petals You can get the most from this pack by playing and testing different brush presets such as shape dynamics, scattering and color dynamics (just like in this preview you see above.

Grunge II Texture Pack

This set contains 5 beautiful Grunge II Texture Pack.


22 Rays of Light Brushes

Whether you need light beams, a sun burst, shafts of light through trees or even a supernova, they light rays brushes should prove a useful resource. Most are failry hi-def at around 2500 pixels.

Love Heart Brush

This is some Different heart Brush. I hope you will like this. Feel Free to use these heart brushes.

Free Floral PS Brushes

Nice pack of 14 brushes for Adobe Photoshopmade by Deseeg. Some of floral brushes have grunge touches.

Lines n S**t Grunge Line Brushes

This set was made with a half dead marker. As you can see – the lines are not perfect in anyway. RIP marker. Enjoy :)

Yet More Smudge Brushes

2 smudge brushes. Both sizing just under 600px. Enjoy!

Crop Circles Brushes

10 high quality crop circles brushes free to download.

Grungy 001 Brush Set

This set includes 6 awesome grungy brushes.

Coffee Mug Ring Stains Brushes

I’m quite pleased with this set of coffee cup rings stain brushes, as none of the are real! I created these coffee stains brushes in Photoshop for creating hard-edged water stains. I’ve included this in the set, along with instructions for creating your own grunge rings, stains and marks similar to watercolour paint.

Doodle Brushes

Great pack of 27 free Doodle Photoshop Brushes made by Dreebies.

Herb’ a Poils Grass Brushes Chapter 2 Camisole Pictures Brushes

13 Payment Form Photoshop Files For Free Download

Payment form is the most integral part of any website or online business because it allows the potential customers to pay for your services or goods, therefore, it is very important to design a payment form that is simple, easy yet completely functional so that your potential clients do not have to face in difficulty while filling up the form. An easy to use payment form can also ensure more sale conversion because it gives the users an easy way to pay for the goods and services they would like to have.

Keeping this in mind, we thought to compile some free to use payment form PSD files for your download so that you do not have to design them from scratch. Enjoy!

Credit / Debit Cards


Checkout Form

Credit Card

Payment Options Icons

Payment details

Payment Form

Products and Boxes

Cute UI Kit

Flat Payment Cards

Free iPhone UI Psd

Semi-Transparent “Payment Methods”

Payment Widget

20 Fresh and Beautiful Icon Sets for Free

Here we are showcasing 20 beautiful and fresh icon sets that you can use for free. Icons are the basic design element that is needed in every app or website design at different levels. Finding out free and high quality icon sets is the best thing for the designers. Many designers spend considerable time in finding out free and fresh icon sets that they can use for their designs.
Below, we have also top notch quality icons sets that you can use for free on any project. Come and check out these colorful and cute icons that will surely please your everyday usage. To wrap it up, they are all free to download, so dig in. come, take a peek, and choose your pick. Enjoy!!!

Sports Icon Set

Long shadows PSD icons

Cryst4l UI

CirCuLar Icons

Psd Flat Social Icons

Colourful 5 O’Clock Shadows Icons with PSD

Free Icons

Outline Icons Part

Isometric 3D Social Icons Set

Thin Icon Set

Icons Set

Saving And Finance Icon Set

Tiny icons

48 thin icons PSD

Tab Bar Icons

Social Ice-Cream Sandwich Icons with PSD


Flat-style PSD icons

61 Outlined weather icons PSD

Bound icons PSD

10 High Quality Free Ribbon Fonts

Font plays a vital role in the success of any design. There are abundant types of fonts and they all are beautiful in their own way, but they are not meant for each and every design. Each and every font is suitable for certain type of project and therefore, choosing the right font for the right project always impart the feel they wish to contribute. Here, we are showcasing 10 high quality ribbon fonts for you. These fonts will be suitable for celebration themes and to add a classic touch to your design.
Here is the full collection after the jump. We hope that you will find these ribbon fonts useful for you. Do tell us what you have to say about this collection. Your comments are always welcome.

Ribbon Alphabet


Ribbon Effect Of Letters

Ribbons extended

RIDGE Free Typeface

BCS BenWood Font

Davys Ribbons Font


Stiletto Font

Bladeline Font

50 Free Flat UI Kits For User Interface Designers

Here, you will find 50 useful and free to download flat user interface (UI) kits that can boost your designs. These UI kits will help you get started with your UI design project in no time. The time has gone when people used flashy illustrations, extraneous textures and drop down shadows in web designs. Now, the trend has changed, now people want more user-centric web design style.

These UI kits will be of great assistance for the beginners and also for the professionals as they can save their loads of time. These kits usually come in PSD file formats, patterns and a lot of user interface elements. Do let us know what you think about this compilation. You can also share your opinions via comment section below. Your comments are always welcome.

Blog/Magazine Flat UI Kit

Polaris UI Free

Even: A Flat UI Kit

Flat UI Kit

Flat UI Kit

Square UI Free

Flat UI Kit

Metro Tiles UI Kit

Blog / Magazine UI Kit

Flat Rounded Square UI Kit

Flat AP UI Kit

Free Flat UI kit

Flat / UI Kit

Flat Design UI Components

Flatlyfe UI Kit

Simple UI Kit with Flat Colors

Free Flat UI Kit PSD

Free Color UI Kit

Mega Flat UI Kit

A Mega Flat Style UI Kit PSD

Flat UI Kit (Free PSD)

Behance Style Flat Ui Kit Free

Free Flat UI Kit

Flat UI Design Kit


Flat UI Freebie Pack

Free Folia UI Kit

Purple UI Kit

Flat UI Kit

UI Shopping Kit

I/UX Flat Design

Ui Kit

Momonosuke UI

Flat UI kit

Responsive Ui Kit

Flat User Interface Set

Free Ui kit

Lucent UI

Orange/Cyan UI

Flat + Transparent UI

Ecommerce Flat UI Kit

Minimize UI Kit

Free Modern UI

Flat UI Kit


Human After All

Touch50px UI Kit

RED UI – User Interface Design Kit PSD

Almost Flat Dark UI Pack

City Break UI Kit