30 Free And Fresh Photoshop Brush Sets

Here is yet another exciting round up of some high quality Photoshop brush sets that you can download for free. There are thousands of incredible and high quality Adobe Photoshop brush sets that are available on the net today. Since there is such a phenomenal amount of Photoshop brushes available, you can easily add different patches of dirt, rust, floral effect and etc in your artwork giving them an edge over other ordinary work.

So, here is the ultimate list of free and fresh Photoshop brush sets that you can download and use in your next project. These brush sets are perfect to be used in any project. However, before using them for commercial purposes, make sure you read the license agreement of every brush set.

7 High Resolution Leaf Brushes

Dynamic Grunge Brushes

Blow Brush PS

4 Corners Swirls

Dream Beam

Sujune Brush Pack 1

Bokeh brush set

Sujune Diablo

Paint and Scratches

Free Faded Splatters

Gritty Florals


Beards brushes

Bird Brushes

Circles Madness Brushes

Fractal Brush Set 05

Grunge Whirls

Birthday Celebration :) brushes, photos etc.

Thin Smoke Brushes

VectorPack Brushes

Light nature brushes

Floral Brushes

Doodle Swirls

Fractal Vector brushes

Brush photoshop

New abstract brushes

Fractal V Brushes

Abstract Smudge Brushes

3D Brush

7 Star Burst Brushes

18 Free And Creative Paper Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop brushes help the designers in creating specific designs with great ease. Today we present a collection of some high quality paper brushes for you. With these Photoshop paper brushes you can give your designs a new and updated look. The paper brush sets help you create the paper like characteristics in your designs. As we know that paper is a thin and versatile material that is used to write upon, print upon, for newspapers, magazines and books as well as for card making and arts and crafts projects.

In the same way, you can also make use of these Photoshop brushes in a quite versatile manner. In this round up, you can find 18 different sets of useful and high quality paper brushes for Photoshop that you can download for free. Do check out this collection and let us know your opinion about this compilation. Enjoy!

Vintage Paper

Dirty Old Newspaper Brushes

Chinese Paper Lantern Brushes

News paper bits and pieces

Paper Edges – Photoshop Brush

FREE Grungy Star Paper Brushes

Old Paper brushes

PaperCut Brushes

Burnt Paper Brushes

Old Paper Brush

Old Paper PS Brushes

Origami Paper Flower Brushes

Burned Paper Brushes

5 Paper Curls Photoshop Brushes

Paper edge brushes for PS

Burnt paper-brushes

Paper Texture Brushes

Old Paper Brushes V

15 Awesome Free Abstract Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop brushes always come in handy especially when you need to create some cool effects. Having a high quality collection of Photoshop brushes is must to have for a designer. But these days, the wide variety of Photoshop brushes collections that are available on the net make it difficult for you to choose the right brush for you.

In this compilation, we are presenting a beautiful collection of cool Abstract Photoshop Brushes for you that you can download for free. Enjoy!

Abstract Butterfly Brushes

Doom Abstract Brush Set 2

Abstract Bruhses 3

Abstract brush pack vol. 8

Abstract brush pack vol. 7

A b s t r a c t i o n

Abstract XI

Abstract Light Swirl Brushes

Abstract Brushes Vol 2

Abstract brush pack vol. 10

Abstract Brushes Vol 3

Abstrac Brushes Volume 2

Abstract 11

Sharp Abstract

Abstract Brushes vol. 15 – 5x

18 Free Yet High Quality Sparkle Photoshop Brush Sets

In this compilation, we have a great collection of Sparkle Photoshop Brush sets that will allow your designs to stand out just as successfully as possible. Photoshop Brushes are crucial in making an engaging design. Photoshop Brushes are one of the most well adopted ways to make an artwork look attractive and full of life.

Here we present the collection of some of the best and high quality sparkle Photoshop brush sets that are among the most deserving brushes to be chosen. So, make your artworks ooze out among colors and feel free to download these brushes too!

Important: All brush sets are free. Please read the license agreements carefully before using the brushes for commercial use, they can change from time to time.

Sparklies Photoshop Brushes

Free Photoshop Brushes: Glow

12 Sparkle Brushes Set 1

Sparkle Brushes

Sparkle Brushes

Sparkle Brushes

Sparkle Brushes


Magic Sparkle Lines HQ

Photoshop Sparkle Brush Set

Fantazy Sparkle Abstract

Sparkle Brushes

Light Brush Set

Chic Sparkles


Sparkle Brushes

Sparkles Photoshop Brushes Pack

Sparkle Brush Set 1

16 Free High Quality Floral Photoshop Brush Sets

Another marvelous and magnificent collection of Photoshop brushes and this time we present free and high quality floral Photoshop brushes. Every designer even the novices know that floral brushes have ultimately become an easy technique that they can use to bring the magnificence and beauty of nature into their projects.

Flowers are the symbol of beauty and they bring attractions no matter where they are placed. In addition, they also denote love and affection and therefore used widely in most special occasion apart from parks, offices and any other establishments. With floral brushes, you can beautify your designs as well as can also express the feelings of love and affection.

We are pleased to share with you this amazing and beautiful collection of free floral brushes from talented designers. Enjoy!

Hand Drawn Floral Brushes

Floral Photoshop Brushes

Floral Brushes

Fantasy Floral Photoshop Brushes

Free Photoshop brushes

Free Photoshop brushes

Free Floral Brushes Pack 1

Photoshop Flower Brushes

Sleepless Floral Brushes

Free Floral Brush Pack

Floral I

Flower Sketches Brushes

Spring Flower Brushes


Floral ornaments

Floral Abstract

60+ High Quality Free GIMP Brush Packs

GIMP is a photo editor that can be employed professionally because it is an extremely capable graphics design or digital photo editing software. Once you learned how to use it, you can harness its accurate potential without difficulty. When you start using it, you will see that it is more or less like the Photoshop but it is more powerful program as compared to Photoshop; and this is the reason why many top web designers design exclusively with GIMP.

There may be more a couple of resources for GIMP than there are for Photoshop nevertheless still there are sufficient resources that you can discover online. To facilitate you more in improving the functionality of GIMP photo editor, we have here a vast collection of free tremendous, premium quality brushes that can be employed for whatever projects you may have.

Note: Licenses of every brush set varies, so be confident to confirm that information before using them for commercial use.

Gimp Floral Brushes

GIMP Flower Brushes

GIMP Floral Set 1

Daisy Brushes

GIMP Floral Set 2

GIMP Bed of Roses

Floral Brushes

GIMP Floral Set 3

GIMP Floral Set 4

Flower brushes

GIMP: Floral I


GIMP Vector Foliage-Plants

GIMP: Floral II


Gimp Star Brushes

GIMP: Stars


Star Brushes For Gimp

GIMP Stars of Heaven

GIMP Pretty Stars

GIMP Stars Brushes

Spiky Stars

Grunge Brushes

GIMP Grunge Brush Pack 2

GIMP Scratchies

Grunge brush set 3

More grunge brushes

VectorGrunge Brushes

Gimp Mask Brushes

Mask Brushes

More Mask Brushes

Large Mask Brush Shiny Bubbles

Masks Brushes for Gimp

Deco Masks

Mutsie’s Misc Masks

Gimp Text Brushes

Scriptbrushes Gimp

15 Text-brushes for GIMP

GIMP Gotta Find You

Spikesbint’s lyrical brushes

Meleada’s Winter Holiday Text

spikesbint’s Tudor Initials

kissncontrol’s Harry Potter

Gimp Brushes quotes

Gimp Heart Brushes

Hearts Photoshop & GIMP Brushes

GIMP Hearts of Roses

GIMP Hearts of Passion

Hearts II Photoshop & GIMP Brushes

Hearts Gimp Brushes

GIMP: Hearts

Gimp Grass Brushes

Grass brushes

GIMP Grass Blades

Brushes I’ve Done

Gimp Grass Brush

Nature GIMP Brushes


Cloudy Brushes version Gimp

Lightning Brushes

Nature Textures GIMP Brushes

Little Birdie

Miscellaneous GIMP Brushes

Blood Brushes

Butterflies Part I

GIMP Inner Universe Brushes

GIMP Odysee Brushes

GIMP Galactic Brushes

GIMP Rise Brushes

15 Vector Brushes

Doodles I

Dark Wings

Chinese Dragons

50 Useful Paper Photoshop Brushes For Creative Designs

Photoshop is the best and most commonly used graphic designing tool in the field of graphic designing. With Photoshop installed on the computer, a designer can create awesome artwork that will simply mesmerize the human eyes. Among the tools of Photoshop, brushes are the most important one. Different types of brushes are available to create different looks.

With Paper Photoshop brushes, designers can give a paper look to their web designs and graphic design posters. Such brushes are specially designed to create paper look and produce particular characteristics of paper in a design. We hope you like this collection. Enjoy!

Paper Photoshop Brushes ( Download )

Paper Texture Brushes ( Download )

Ursylla Paper Brush Pack ( Download )

Crushed Paper ( Download )

Grungy Star Paper Brushes ( Download )

Newspaper Brushes ( Download )

Waterstains ( Download )

10 old paper texture ( Download )

Torn Paper brushes ( Download )

Old Paper Brush ( Download )

Old Paper Brushes V ( Download )

Old Paper ( Download )

Burnt paper brush ( Download )

10 Free Chinese Paper Lantern Brushes ( Download )

Old Paper ( Download )

Ink and Paper Brushes ( Download )

Torn Paper Edges ( Download )

Paper Brushes ( Download )

Banners + Scrolls Brushes ( Download )

Stationery brushes ( Download )

Old Print Heavy Paper ( Download )

Burnt paper ( Download )

Old Paper Brushes ( Download )

Old Essentials Brushes ( Download )

Wrinkled Paper Brushes ( Download )

Old Paper PS Brushes ( Download )

Old Paper brushes ( Download )

PaperCut Brushes ( Download )

Crumpled Brushes ( Download )

Origami Crane brushes ( Download )

Torn Edge Brushes ( Download )

German Newspaper Brushes ( Download )

Paper Brush Set ( Download )

Various Paper Pieces ( Download )

Paper Edges ( Download )

Origami Paper Flower Brushes ( Download )

Dirty Old Newspaper Brushes ( Download )

Paper Edge Brushes ( Download )

Crinkled Paper ( Download )

Burned Paper Brushes ( Download )

Office Stuff Brushes ( Download )

Paper Brushes Set ( Download )

The Vintage Effect ( Download )

My Sweet Diary Brushes ( Download )

Crushed paper ( Download )

Ink droplet brushes ( Download )

Old Paper pack ( Download )

Old Photo Paper Brushes ( Download )

Sticky Tape ( Download )

Paper Tears ( Download )

60+ Must-Have Photoshop Brush Sets For Excellent Grunge Effects

For a designer, having a good set of brushes that he can use with Photoshop, Illustrator, gimp and other editing software is truly priceless. When you need to design something specific, you often search for the particular brush that can be used for the purpose.

Here, A huge list of Photoshop Grunge Brushes is shared that help creating beautiful and flawless grunge style designs and specifically creating background designs. Enjoy and share them with your friends as well.

3D Abstract Line

This set contains beautiful 3D Abstract Lines Brushes.

Fractalized Grunge Photoshop Brushes & Texture Pack

This set contains Fractalized Grunge Brushes.


This set amazing contains 8 Grunge Brushes.

Straight Grunge Lines Brushes

This set contains Straight Grunge Lines Brushes.

HighTech Reloaded

This set contains HighTech Brushes.

Starry Grunge

This set contains 10 Brushes.

Smokey Fire Brushes

This set contains 50 Smokey Fire Brushes.

Textures 2

This set contains 31 Brushes.

Grunge Brushes

This set contains Some Awesome Brushes.

Grungy Star Brushes

This set contains Grungy Star Brushes.

Floral Photoshop Brushes

This set contains 66 high quality floral Brushes.

Grunge Lines Brushes

This set contains 35 Grunge Brushes.

Rusty Grunge

This set contains 37 Grung Style Brushes.

Plastered Prime

This set contains 2 Plastered Prime Brushes.


This set contains 54 Skullribbles Brushes.

Grunge Worn Lines Vol 1

This set contains 10 Brushes.

Grunge brushes 2

This set contains 14 Grunge Brushes.

Tank Pattern Grunge Brushes

This set contains 38 Grunge Brushes.

Grunge Textured Photoshop Brushes

This set contains 42 Brushes.

Grunge Brushes

This set contains 19 Brushes.

Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes

This set contains 14 Brushes.

High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

This set contains 11 Brushes.

Flow & Dirty

This set contains 20 Brushes.

Grunge Up In The Woods Papers

This set contains 12 Brushes.

Grung Brushes

This set contains 50 Brushes.

Chalk Adobe Photoshop CS Brushes

This set contains Chalk Style Brushes.

Coffee Happens Reloaded

This set contains some beautiufl Coffee Happens Brushes.

Cracks Photoshop Brushes

This set contains 8 Cracks Brushes.

Free Grunge Splatter Brushes for Photoshop

This set contains Grunge Splatter Brushes.

Fuzzies Brushes

This set contains 7 Fuzzies Brushes.

Halftone 2 Brushes

This set contains 12 Brushes.

Grunge Brush

This set contains 8 Grunge Brushes.

Grunge Brushes

This set contains 58 Brushes.

Grunge Brushes 10

This set contains 30 Brushes.

Hot Fuzz Dynamic Brushes

This set contains Hot Fuzz dynamic Brushes.

Paint Borders

This set contains 9 Brushes.

Painted Flower Brushes

This set contains 28 Painted flower Brushes.

Soft Grunge Brush

This set contains some beutiful Soft Grunge Brushes.

Corner Grunge Photoshop Brushes

This set contains 10 Brushes.

Grunge Photoshop Brushes

This set contains 12 Brushes.

High-Res Grunge Ink Splatter Brushes

This set contains some High-Res Grunge Ink Splatter Brushes.

Double Grunge Circles

This set contains Double Grunge Circles Brushes.

Grungy Arrow Brushes Set

This set contains 10 Grungy Arrow Brushes.

Detailed Grunge Brush Pack

This set contains 12 Brushes.

Velvetcat’s Brush Set

This set contains 45 Velvetcat’s Brushes.

Hi-Res Mess

This set contains 5 Brushes.

Ultimate Grunge3

This set contains Some beautiful Grunge Brushes.

High Resolution Photoshop Grunge Brushes

This set contains 6 Brushes.

Valley of the Dry Bones 3

This set contains 10 Valley Brushes.

Grunge Paint Brushes

This set contains 30 Brushes.

Grunge Brushes

This set contains 25 Brushes.

Part-liquid Grunge Brushes

This set contains 6 Brushes.

Subtle Grunge Textures and Effects

This set contains 33 Brushes.

ATC Grunge Decay

This set contains ATC Grunge Brushes.

Grunged 1

This set contains Beautiful Grunged Brushes.

5 Dirt Brushes Hi-Res

This set contains 5 Dirt Brushes.

SplatterisM 1

This set contains 35 Splatteris Brushes.

Messy Spraypaint

This set contains Messy Spray paint Brushes.

Abstract Grungy Brushes

This set contains 10 Brushes.

Grunge Brushes

This set contains 9 Brush Brushes.

Vibrant Grungy Bokeh Texture

This set contains Vibrant Grungy Bokeh Brushes.


This set contains 39 Ripe Grung Brushes.

66 Desirable Photoshop Brush Sets For Creating Colorful Lighting Effects

Having a quality set of Photoshop brush pack in place is like the icing on the cake for the designer when he is up to creating a new design. Graphic designers use different types of brush sets to give their design an edge that sets it apart from others’ work.

High quality Adobe Photoshop brush set without a doubt is an inevitable tool for the designers and artists. Therefore, we have assembled this post where we are showcasing huge remarkable and striking light effects Photoshop brush packs. We hope that this collection will come in handy in particular when you are running out of the time.

MistyLight Brushes (5 Brushes)

ExtremelyABSTRACT (20 Brushes)

Galactic Brushes (10 brushes)

Abstract Brushes Vol 8

Silicon Brushes (7 brushes)

Christmas Brushes

Quantum Brushes

High-Res Glowing Light Stream (6 Brushes)

Sui Generis Brushes Volume 1 (10 brushes)

Beser Brushes (8 brushes)

High Res Photoshop Lens Flare (20 Brushes)

Evasion Brush Set (18 brushes)

Space Light Brushes for Photos (13 Brushes)

Light Rays (10 Brushes)

Abstract Light Brushes (25 brushes)

Descent Brushes

Light Brushes (9 Brushes)

Light Strangs (6 Brushes)

Mystical Light Effects (20 Brushes)

Lighting Effects Brushes

Abstract Light Swirl Brushes (8 Brushes)

Lighting Brushes (10 Brushes)

Light Swirls Brushes (22 Brushes)

Light Streaks Brushes (30 Brushes)

Glow Brushes (11 brushes)

Abstract (10 Brushes)

Party Brush

Raging Dawn Brushes (8 brushes)

Ecol Brushes (5 brushes)

High Res Light Effect Brushes (46 brushes)

Sharp Abstract (1 brush)

Abstraction (8 brushes)

Abstract Brushes (6 brushes)

Vander90 (14 brushes)

Abstract Curves Brushes (28 brushes)

Abstract brush pack vol. 7 (4 brushes)

Unreal Brushes v.4 (9 Brushes)

LIGHT STORM 3 (14 brushes)

Light Lines (13 Brushes)


Unreal Brushes v.2 (8 brushes)

Life Brushes

Unreal Brushes v.1

Winter Breeze (12 Brushes)

Serenity (15 Brushes)

Phobia Brushes

Energy (14 Brushes)

Light Streak (14 Brushes)

Lightning Bolt Brushes (40 Brushes)

Fantasy Lighting Brush Kit (19 Brushes)

Sparkling Light Effects (24 brushes)

Abstract brush pack vol. 8 (4 brushes)

Revnart Smoke (30 brushes)

PETALS ADRIFT (13 brushes)


Ultimate Brush Pack No.3

Life Brushes

Sui Generis 3

CS4 V2 Brush

Abstract 12

Lighting Set 4

Fractal Brush

Nova Equinox Brushes

Light Brush Set


Genisis Brushes

Absolutely Incredible Collection Of High-Quality Design Freebies For Designers

Today, we have made a list of  incredible collection of high-quality design freebies. We obviously cannot cover all the best from the web, but we have tried to cover as much as possible that are fresh and must have for designers.

You are welcome if you want to share more useful collection of design resources that our readers/viewers may like. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at, just subscribe to our rss feed and you can follow us on twitter and follow us on Digg as well to get updated.

50 Free Web UI, Mobile UI, Wireframe Kits And Source Files For Designers

45+ Neat Coming Soon and Under Construction Templates

50 More Beautifully Designed Tumblr Themes

Fresh Icon Sets To Improve Your Designs

Premium Quality Free WordPress Magazine Themes

80+ Color Altering Photoshop Actions

50+ Hand Picked (Yet Free To Use) Fonts for Designers

50 Fantastic Textures for Your Toolbox

Useful PSD Files For Your Creativity

60 Attractive Photoshop Grunge Brushes for Designers

45 Free And High Quality (X)HTML/CSS Website Templates

50 Beautiful Sets Of High-Quality Adobe Illustrator Brushes

For a designer, the very important or key tool of designing is his brushes, correct brushes make the designer’s work easier. In this post, we have collected 50 sets of high quality Adobe Illustrator Brushes which you can hardly find anywhere else. So if you are searching for some good and high quality Adobe Illustrator Brushes, then look no further. You’ve come to the right place. Feel free to share your opinion with us and do not forget to share this post with your friends and pals.

You are welcome if you want to share more adobe illustrator brushes that our readers/viewers may like. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at, just subscribe to our rss feed and you can follow us on twitter and follow us on Digg as well to get updated.

Victorian vector brush pack

romantic borders


Swirly Curls – Sick Brush Kit

per forma Royalz Ai

mycanthus brush pack 1

Illustrator Grunge Brushes


Circles and Drips – Brushes


The Flower Tree

Floral n Veins Brushes

smoke – illustrator brush pack

Fresh Brushes

Pearl Pattern Brush

Diamond Necklace Pattern Brush

Hearts Brushess

Rope Brush

Illustrator Thick Brushes

Mis primeros PNG

Kirby Krackles brush set

Crazy Faces Brush Set

Midsummer Stars – Ai Brush

Willow Brush

Quaternion Brush Pack 02

Chalk Illustrator brushes

Illustrat Paint Brushes


WOODCUTS: AI flourish pack

DRW Brushes

Abstract Brushes

Illustrator Brush Pack

illustrator Ornate borders

vector marker brushes

Inky Pen 1

Artistic Brshs AI CS3

Scatter Brushes

Illustrator pattern brushes

illustrator brush set 1

illustrator brush set 3

technix brush pack

Celtic Border brush v2


“Kairy” Brushes

Scatter Brushes

Flowers and Circular Designs

Illustrator Brushes

Swirl rocks brushes

The Hairbrush Kit

Abstract Brushes

The Ultimate ‘Best Of 2010′ Resources For People Who Create Designs

Today, we are going to take a look on few of the best of 2010 collection for designers and developers that we think you would really like to bookmark for 2011. We hope you guys will like this stunning collection of inspiration, resources, tutorials and showcases of design related stuffs. Just take a look at them and share your thought’s here.

You are welcome if you want to share more cool best of 2010 collection that our readers/viewers may like. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at just subscribe to our rss feed and you can follow us on twitter as well.

The 69 Coolest Apps Of 2010

Best of 2010: Sites of the Week

The best of the best tools and resources for web design of 2010

Top 50 Free Fonts Created in 2010

Best Free Textures and Patterns of 2010

40 High Quality Free PSD Files Released In 201040 High Quality Free PSD Files Released In 2010

Best of Best WordPress Tutorials of 2010

Our Favorite Photoshop Tutorials of 2010 on Psdtuts

A Review of Web Design Trends from 2010

Absolutely Amazing Techniques To Create Eye-Catching Websites With JQuery (Best Of 2010)

Best of the Best Photoshop Tutorials from 2010

21 Best Tutorials for Creating Icons in Photoshop from 2010

Awesome Tutorials That Will Make You Acquainted With What Photoshop Can Do (Best of 2010)

Best Illustrator Tutorials from 2010

The Top 100 Best Business Cards from 2010

50 of the Best Photoshop Tutorials of 2010

Best Icon Sets Of 2010 You Would Not Want To Miss

7 Excellent Websites To Get Design Feedback Visually Instead Of Emailing Back And Forth

The best way to improve the design is to take positive criticism and constructive advises from others. But emailing back and forth is very time consuming that makes the whole process very uncomfortable. From last few years, so many tools have been arrived in the market that made designers’ jobs easier than ever before to get the design feedback from others. To cover this topic, we are listing down few excellent online tools to get design feedback that are free as well.

You are welcome to share if you want to share more design feedback tool that our readers/viewers may like. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at just subscribe to our rss feed and you can follow us on twitter as well.


Bounce is a little app that lets people quickly to add feedback to any webpage and toss that back and forth with other people.


Fivesecondtest is a usability testing tool that helps you measure the effectiveness of your designs. As tests are easy to setup and feedback is quick, this encourages an interative testing approach. No code is required, so Fivesecondtest can easily fit in with your existing design workflow.

Please Critique Me

Please Critique Me is a place where anybody can put their website to be criticized by the industry professionals. You would just need to submit their form with link(s) to your designs if you want to get feedback from experts.


Usabilla offers a fast and simple way to collect feedback in any stage of the design process.  You can ask your users simple questions to collect valuable feedback and discover usability issues. Use this One-Click-Tasks to measure task performance. Your users will simply share their feedback by clicking anywhere on your website, mockup, sketch, or image. Measure time, collect points, and get valuable feedback with notes.

Concept Feedback

With Concept Feedback, you can get design, usability, and marketing feedback from their community of online professionals.


Notable makes it possible to put your feedback directly on the webpage, highlighting your points exactly. With Notable you can quickly and easily give feedback on design, content, and code on any page of a website or application without leaving your browser.


As a designer you understand that presentation is important. Recurse is a simple solution to show clients your spiffy new design. By emulating a website with multiple flat images clients will have a better idea of what the composition will look like ‘in the wild’.

Top 15 Online Tools For Drawing And Sketching

If you find yourself bored at work and have the artistic streak in you, you should probably busy yourself with working on a drawing project you can later show off to your friends. Instead of going the traditional way and sticking to pencil and paper, you should explore the arena of computer aided drawing. Chances are you do not have software installation privileges on the work computer you use therefore online tools would be the best way to go.

Below you will find my gathered list of 15 online tools for sketching and drawing. Try out each one and see what service best suits your tastes. You are welcome to share if you know more useful drawing and sketching tools which our readers/viewers may like. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at just subscribe to our rss feed and you can follow us on twitter.

1. Flame


This tool is simply brilliant. It gives you simple tools which create flame-like textures. These textures can be adjusted according to your preferences: you can change colors, saturation, opacity, etc. Even random mouse gestures can end up creating wonderful patterns. Visit Flame here.

2.  Scribbler Too


Scribbler Too is another greatly engaging sketching tool. Its web-like drawings are easy to create. Many color options are available for you to modify. Learning the tools is quite easy and once you have learned them, creating masterpieces is quite easy too. Visit Scribbler Too here.

3. Flash Paint


Flash Paint is a full web based drawing tool with many drawing features. The feature I liked best was its ability to create complex geometrical drawings with ease. This was achieved through a combination of lines and curves which you can modify easily. Click here to visit Flash Paint.

4. Odosketch


Odosketch supports brush-based drawing. Brushes of varying thickness are provided; these can be used to form brilliant drawing on the virtual canvas. Visit Odosketch here.

5. Sketch Swap


This sketching website has only drawing tool: a thick dark brown pencil. You draw a sketch and then swap it with somebody else on the site. When you view the other person’s sketch, a replay is shown of the sketch was built from zero to completion. It is quite interesting to see an empty canvas take the form of a finished product. Click here to visit Sketch Swap.

6. Draw.To


Draw.To lets you draw simple small drawing and share them on Twitter and Facebook. The small canvas can be used to show off your creativity. Click here to visit Draw.To.

7. Penolo


Penolo is a somewhat similar to Draw.To. You are provided with a small canvas and some basic tools to draw with. The result can be shared on your Twitter account. Visit Penolo here.

8. Canvastic


This online drawing tool is quite basic and very suitable for children or for quick time passing. If you want, you can accompany your pictures with explanatory text. Your brush strokes are recorded and a “replay” button can be used to see exactly how your sketch came into being. Visit Canvastic here.

9. Queeky


Queeky lets you create simple drawing with tools that are seemingly basic but provide comprehensive drawing options. Finished drawing can be saved and share. Browsing others’ drawing is also possible through Queeky. Visit the site here.

10. SketchPad


SketchPad is a simple sketching tool with wonderful colors of canvas and brushes. The results you get are quite interesting because of the amazing color combinations. Click here to visit SketchPad.

11. Viscosity


Viscosity makes it very easy to create abstract art. If you have great drawing skills, you can use Viscosity to create something truly unique. Click here to visit the site.

12. Doink


Doink is another site which I thought made it a lot easier to create complex geometrical drawings through straight lines and curves. Apart from that, basic tools on the site make sketching fun and quick. Visit Doink here.

13. Flock Draw


Flock Draw is a collaborative drawing tool which can be a lot of fun if you have a partner to draw with on another computer. Click here to visit Flock Draw.

14. My Oats


This is an absolutely amazing website to create symmetrical circular drawings. You will get the hang of the available tools and mouse gestures rather quickly and easily create wonderful drawings. Visit My Oats here.

15. Draw Things


Draw Things is another simple drawing tool which lets you create simple sketches via variable pen thickness. The provided color range is not very vast but it does the simple sketching job fine. Draw Things is ideal for quickly killing some time. Visit the site here.

75+ Truly Useful Tutorials & Colorful Resources For Designers To Discover The Best Of The Web In March

We are always in search of great free resources, tips, tricks, etc. for our readers. Every day we work hard to find new resources and inspiration for designers like you. Today, we have another great post, “Discover the Best of the Web” on SmashingApps. In this, we made a list of 75+ Truly Useful Tutorials & Colorful Resources For Designers. We obviously cannot cover all the best from the web, but we have tried to cover as much as possible.

You are welcome to share if you know more best of the web in the month of March which our readers/viewers may like. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at just subscribe to our rss feed and you can follow us on twitter and do not forget to become our fan on facebook as well.

Design Tips, Tricks and Tutorial


A Collection of Photoshop Business Card Tutorials and Free PSD Files

Create a Digital Camera With Wooden Accents Using Photoshop

90+ Smoking Cinema 4D Tutorials and Best Techniques

How to Create a 3D House Icon with Photoshop

Use Photo Manipulation and 3D Layers to Design a Surreal Cover Art Illustration

30+ Best Apple Inspired Photoshop Tutorials

Motion Graphics And 2-D Animation: 10 Tips For A Clean Workflow

20 High Quality Photoshop Web Design Tutorials

Create a Call to Action Button With Adobe Fireworks CS4

Learn Adobe Illustrator: All the Basics for Beginners

40 Detailed Drawing Tutorials for Adobe Illustrator

15 Impressive Photoshop Tutorials

40+ Autodesk 3ds Max Tutorials for Beginners and Advance

Massive Collection of Photo Editing Tutorials and Photoshop Actions

Artwork, Digital Photography and Inspiration


40 Brilliantly Illustrated Web Designs

45 Creative Resumes to Seize Attention

25+ Beautiful And Creative Business Card Ideas

Inspiration: Awesome Dark Portfolio Sites

Fantastic Content Sliders for your Inspiration

30 Amazing Typographic Movie Poster Designs

5 Green Websites Built on Flash

50 Beautiful Sketchbook Scans

50 Beautifully Brown Web Designs

22 Most Unusual Google Earth Photos

55 Latest Examples of Perfect Slideshow Presentation in Web Design

Collection of 30+ Stunning Hand Picked CSS-based Layouts

50 Amazing Shots Taken in the Most Dry Regions

Call to Action Buttons: Guidelines, Best Practices and Examples

Showcase of 20 Mobile-Friendly Popular Design Blogs

30+ Artistic Examples Of Colorful Wallpapers

Showcase of Textures in Print Design

Javascript and Ajax


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80+ Incredible Collection Of Inspirations, Tutorials And Resources For Designers To Discover The Best Of The Web In February

We are always in search of great free resources, tips, tricks, etc. for our readers. Every day we work hard to find new resources and inspiration for designers like you. Today, we have another great post, “Discover the Best of the Web” on SmashingApps. In this, we made a list of 80+ Incredible Collection Of Inspirations, Tutorials And Resources For Designers. We obviously cannot cover all the best from the web, but we have tried to cover as much as possible.

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Design an Underwater Omega Code Poster


How To Draw A Funny Cop Illustration From A Sketch


Make a Freezing Cold Snow-themed Abstract Piece


50 Useful Cartoon Character Design Tutorials


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Create a Realistic Space Landscape Photo Manipulation


Artwork, Digital Photography and Inspiration


50 Breathtakingly Beautiful CG Landscapes


The Creative Examples Of Colorful Splash Pages


25 Examples of Incredible Ideas and Designs


25 Beautiful Examples of “Coming Soon” Pages


Creative Auto Ads


40 Trendy and Extremely Colorful Websites


Logo Design Inspiration: 65+ Brilliant Fresh Designs


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25+ Breathtaking examples of Natural sky Photography


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82 CG Superheros, Villains, and Iconic Movie and Video Game Characters


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Javascript and Ajax


13 Useful JavaScript Solutions for Charts and Graphs


15 jQuery Plugins for Better Web Page Element Layouts


35 Useful jQuery Plugins for Slideshows, Graphs and Text Effects


24 Best Practices for AJAX Implementations


Animate Panning Slideshow with jQuery


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100+ Vintage Textures and Photoshop Brushes to Decorate Your Design


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