10 Best Chrome Extensions To Make Your Life Easier


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  1. Shane says:

    I’m not a huge fan of LastPass since they were hacked a while back. The add-on that I prefer is PasswordMaker Pro, and the cool thing is that the hashes are generated based on a master password plus the website URL. No storing, no hacking, and you can install it on any browser and it just works exactly the same.

    Also, I would caution folks about using tools where you have to setup an online account to do the work. It means that of course they will use the data in any way they choose based on their terms and conditions (be sure to read them). You can see some additional add blocking and suggested plugins (from a security perspective) here – https://beesonabike.com/securing-your-browser/

  2. tips youtube says:

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  3. Kingroot APK says:

    Ha ha. It is not a coincidence, but I have been using most of the extensions already. Thanks for this awesome list.

  4. linda joseph says:

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  5. myaktion says:

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