By Akhter on September 4, 2012

8 Free Time Tracking Apps For Freelancers

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Time management is often the most common issue that almost every freelancer faces. Freelancers cannot manage too many tasks at the same time and therefore, they have to distribute their time very carefully so as to complete all the tasks in time. For a freelancer, time is money. If he can manage his time effectively then he can manage multiple tasks as well.

In this collection, we are showcasing 8 free time tracking apps for the freelancers. These time tracking apps will let you manage your time in a more effective manner and thus you will be having more spare time for fun. Feel free to share your opinion with us. Enjoy!

Google Calendar

This is one of the widely used time tracking apps all over the world. It lets you track your time, appointments as well as allows you to organize your freelance tasks.


With toggl, you can track your time anywhere on anything. It is an easy to use time tracking app that you can use on your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android.


Paymo is a wonderful time tracking app that allows you track your time, manage your billing and invoicing as well as your projects. It is all in all a handy app for the freelancers.


With this web calendar, you can fill in important tasks as well as alerts, and cal also place your important personal reminders, and can track all the key events in one place.


Create tasks and share them with your team very easily and effortlessly.


Invotrak is a wonderful online invoicing and time tracking app that comes with loads of useful features. It can speed up your billing tasks by keeping track of what you have owed and notifying your clients about the incoming invoices and alerting you when it is overdue.

Rescue Time

As the name indicates, this app can save your plenty of time and make freelancing life efficient and easy by tracking your time and generating authentic reports about your working hours.


1DayLater is another time tracking app for those who want to keep an accurate record of their activities, invoices and productivity. It tracks your time, money and mileage, and then uses its reporting features to create invoices, mileage claims and visualize your activities.

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We actually have been using Time Doctor as our time tracking tool and so far it has been effective in managing our tasks and monitoring our computer activity.


Nice list! I would also like to introduce our time tracking app to you. We have completely developed it around a simple online calendar where you can plan tasks and write time from one place. Since we developed it ourselves I will leave rating it to others but feel free to have a look.

- Google calendar sync
- Time tracking
- Invoicing
- Flexible rates per user/client/project
- Task scheduling
- Accurate progress estimation though “Team sourcing”
- Project budgets, estimates and timelines
- Reporting by user, client, project, phase and task
- Every report exportable to csv

Kind regards,
Joost Schouten
Yanomo – Time tracking and Invoicing

As a long-time freelancer who’s new to time tracking, I’d like to add one more to the list – Hours Tracking ( It’s relatively new, web-based and super easy to use. At $1/month for freelancers, it might as well be free.

It’s also important to note that some of the products listed above offer very limited features (or a limited number of projects) for their free account holders. Thanks for the post!

I am using Timetrack – – not as popular as those described above, but I think it can compete with them :)the layout is very simple and transparent, it’s free for up to 10 projects and runs for windows, linux, mac and also for mobile phones so you can use it everywhere.

OfficeTime is available for iOS, Mac and Windows and was designed to be simple to track and report your time. It does not require a monthly subscription fee and we are so confident in OfficeTime’s ability to produce a tangible return-on-investment that we offer a full money-back guarantee if the app doesn’t pay for itself by registering more time than the user otherwise would have logged and invoiced.

Check it out at Thanks!

Thanks for sharing this software. I have been freelancing for a few months now and I had no idea where I could find great time tracking software like this. Thanks so much for sharing, this is really going to be a huge help!

Nice list, but you left off Fanurio.

Fanurio helps with the less appealing aspects of freelancing like invoicing and keeping track of time. It’s a useful application, with a user-friendly interface.

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