What’s Your Website Uptime Recently?

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  1. software performance tester says:

    wow. What a great tool. You are right that most people put up a site and think people will come. I think especially with smartphones, mobile site speed will be critical and keeping visitors active on your site and converting them, so a tool like this is really important. i guess the most important thing is after discovering a problem, then fixing it! thanks for the good tip on this tool.

  2. phloxyz says:

    Hi, really good website here. I like your website So much information i can get here !

  3. phloxyz says:

    I have AP12B’s in an amp named Barbara (it’s long story). ‘Barb’ is a 5F6a circuit with a SS rectifier in a tweed twin cab, reportedly built by Billy Zoom (but I have not be able to confirm that). The amp is very aggressive and loud, helped in part I’m sure by the AP12B speakers. In this sense aggressive means toothy, spanky, powerful – not necessarily distorted. The amp does not significantly break up until it’s very, very loud, so loud it’ll run you out of the room. These speakers react as advertised; at low volumes they exhibit a typical ceramic feel and response (I have several C12B’s to compare them against), but at higher volumes they sweetly compress like an alnico speaker. If like the tone of the your C12B and want the same thing with alnico compression at a higher volume, with a lower price, the AP’s are for you.

  4. Thomas Barnes says:

    Great tool – I’ve just started using this alongside statuscake.com – http://www.statuscake.com – I take the view that why used paid solutions (which invariably start charging you money the moment you try to use any functionality vaguely useful!) – when you can use these! 🙂

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