By Akhter on September 28, 2011

50 Power Tools And Applications To Make Your Life Easier With Twitter

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Twitter is a powerful micro-blogging platform whose worth cannot be overlooked. Companies and individuals are using Twitter not only to connect with their peers and stay ahead of the curve, but also to promote the goods and services they offer.

Here we are sharing some valuable tools that help you make the most of this powerful tool to expand your business community. Enjoy! Let’s take a look at this useful collection. Feel free to share your opinion with us.


You can upload and share photos on Twitter right from your phone, TwitPic home page as well as from your Twitter account.


As the name indicates, this tool lets you instantly follow those who share similar interest with you. Simply enter your interest after logging into InstaFollow.


Twitoria helps you discover followers and friends who have not tweeted you back.

Tweet Flock

Tweet Flock is a powerful Twitter tool for managing multiple Twitter accounts. A registration process is required after which you can easily manage your followers, friends (people that you are following), updates your tweet status for all the account and so on.


TweetyMail allows you operate your Twitter account from your mailbox. You can send tweets and messages, follow people and get notification right from your mailbox.

Just Tweet It

Just Tweet It makes tweeting an effortless and uncomplicated process. At this instant you can discover people with similar interests. You can look for categories and come across the right people to follow.


This tool lets you manage your Twitter accounts. You can easily discover, manage and protect your Twitter circles.


With this tool, you can discover targeted followers who are interested in your business.


BrandChirp is the # 1 solution for brand management on Twitter. Effectively monitor, manage and resolve all brand activity. Establish new connections and reach a bigger audience with our one of a kind target follow feature.


Find out who follows whom on Twitter.


You can snooze the conference that you are not attending, thus can avoid unwanted tweets from that conference.


One of the most effective Twitter tools to analyze which tweet is getting more follow ups.


With this tool you can track and share what’s happening on Twitter.

Twitter Karma

Bulk management of followers and those you are following.


This tool lets you check who is following you and who is not.


Here, you can calculate your Twitter Ration (ratio of your followers to friends).


Twellow helps you to discover those people who you can follow because they share similar interests with you.


With this tool, you can effortlessly evaluate your Twitter friends and followers.


Now, you can see up to 100 of your followers at a glance with this tool.


A new follower? Check through this tool whether you should follow him back or not. This tool also lets you check if you have common followings with him


Here, you can easily filter your tweets out of your streams through keywords and muffle those who get too talkative.


With this tool, you can send your blog posts to your Twitter account.


This tool creates and distributes lists of Twitter friends.


Manage your Twitter account with ManageFlitter and enjoy the feature-rich Twitter tool.

Tweet Reach

Now, you can discover which tweet has traveled so far, and get reports just by searching for a URL.

Bird Herd

With Bird Herd, you can update a single account by sending a direct message to the group Twitter account. This is extremely helpful for the groups, teams and brands.


CoTweet is an all-inclusive web-based Twitter tool for you that lets you track and analyze conversations about their brands over Twitter and Facebook.


TweetStats will demonstrate you the statistics of your twitter account in graph form.


Twileshare assists you in uploading and sharing PNG, GIF, JPG, DOC or PDF files on Twitter.


iTweet is an alternate Twitter interface that is associated with many enhanced features that make it superior to the default Twitter user interface.


Tvider lets you can share video, audio and images on Twitter.


Twtpoll lets you set up polls to get in touch with your followers and get feedback from them.


This tool allows you schedule your tweets in order to publish them when they can create the highest impact.


With this tool, you can discover and follow those people who have similar interests with you.


This tool lets you keep your follower lists in sync all the way through different networks similar to Facebook. You can automatically follow those people who are following you and unfollow those who are not following you back.

Retweet Radar

You can get hourly and daily trends on how frequently a peculiar post was re-tweeted. You can earn exposure from the things that are making other power users famous.


This tool allows you follow those people who go with your set of interests. Simply enter the keywords and get the listing of right people to follow.


This tool is designed to help you manage your Twitter account. With this tool, you can also plan your tweets to become visible at later times.


TwitterMass is a magnificent tool for the zealous twitterer so that they can manage their follower base and get reports on how their account correlates on a huge scale, and construct campaigns chiefly proposed at growing your community


You can search a broad range of information inside a user bio or stream. In this way, you can discover the people who are best match for you in terms of relevancy.


TwitterGrader lets you unearth and follow neighboring individual. This tool offers you a list of 100 most active Twitter users in your area.

Social WhoIs

This tool allows you decisively make a decision whether or not to follow an individual. You can also initiate or contribute in discussions that stimulate your community’s interests.


Twittercal lets you hook up your Twitter account with your Google Calendar with the intention that you can effortlessly add events directly from your Twitter account.

Social Oomph

Now, you can schedule your future tweets in order that you will be capable to tweet directly from your Blogs RSS feed.


This tool lets you send private Twitter messages to specific groups of friends.


Twiddict ensures that your complete tweet arrives at the proper place.


Twittonary is also known as The Twitter Dictionary that provides explanations of various Twitter-related words.

Tweet What You Spend

This tool makes cash-tracking trouble-free with Twitter.


Insert your favorite videos and widgets and upload your photos, MP3 music, podcasts on Twitter.


This tool converts your tweets into SMS shorthand language and lets you say more with less character.


With this tool, you can improve your social media promotion by offering discount coupons to the Twitter-sphere!

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There is also a Twitter name generator.

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