By AN Jay on September 19, 2011

Visifire – Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Charting Tools Giveaway

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Visifire is running a contest, where 5 winners will get the single Developer License with Premium Support worth USD 499 each. Well, you guys know what is Visifire? Let’s say it once again for n00bs.

Visifire is a set of data visualization controls – powered by Microsoft®Silverlight™ & WPF. Visifire is a multi-targeting control which can be used in both WPF & Silverlight applications. Use the same API to create charts & gauges in Mobile, Web & Desktop environments. Visifire Silverlight Controls can also be embedded in any webpage as a standalone Silverlight App. Visifire is independent of server side technology. It can be used with ASP, ASP.Net, SharePoint, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Python, Ruby or just simple HTML. You can visit Visifire Gallery or design your own chart or gauge using Chart/Gauge Designer.

Both Silverlight Controls and WPF Controls have the same API which allows you to target multiple platforms without worrying about code portability.

  • Visually Stunning Animated Charts & Gauges
    • Creates cool Silverlight™ & WPF Charts / Gauges within minutes.
  • Single API for both Silverlight™ & WPF
    • Visifire is multi-targeting control.
    • Knowing a single API will suffice to draw charts & gauges in both Silverlight™ & WPF.
  • Embed into Desktop, Web or Mobile Applications
    • Desktop Applications (WPF).
    • Web Applications (Silverlight™ or WPF Browser Apps).
    • Mobile Applications (Windows Phone 7 Series).
  • Compatible with Microsoft® Expression®Blend™
    • All Visifire charts & gauges are editable in Blend™. Hence, users are free to design charts & gauges of their choice with adeptness of Blend™.
  • Real time Charts & Gauges / Live Update
    • All properties of Visifire Charts & Gauges can be updated in real time using Managed Code (Dot Net) or Javascript.
  • Independent of server side technology
    • Visifire can be used with ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, Coldfusion, Python, Ruby or just simple HTML.
  • Enterprise grade features
    • Premium Support
    • Hotfixes / Emergency Patches
  • Power Features
    • Supports Interactivity
    • Has Elegant Animations
    • Scrollable Charts
    • Theming and Styling
    • Animated Updates
    • Zooming
    • Data Binding
    • Logarithmic Axis
  • Supports Wide Range of Charts
    • Column Charts
    • Line Charts
    • Area Charts
    • Pie Charts
    • Bar Charts
    • CandleStick Charts
    • Stock Charts
    • Funnel Charts
    • Step Line Charts
    • Doughnut Charts
    • Radar Charts
    • Polar Charts
    • Pyramid Charts
    • Spline Charts
    • Stacked Charts
    • Bubble Charts
    • Scatter Charts
    • Combination Charts
  • Supports Different Types of Gauges
    • Circular Gauge
    • Linear Gauge

This contest will run from September 19, 2011 to September 25, 2011 and we will select the winners randomly by running MySQL query. Result can be announced any day before September 30, 2011 so keep visiting here or subscribe to our rss feed to get the latest updates. To participate in the contest and win Developer License of Visifire, All you have to do is :

1. Just leave a comment.

2. Use valid email ID in the email box.

3. Make sure that you are following @Visifire and @SmashingApps on twitter and subscribe our rss feed to track this contest and for future updates.

4. And that’s it!

So, what are you waiting for now? Let’s participate in the contest and good luck!

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Wow! A brilliant set of controls for WP7. The chart controls look really helpful and will certainly assist in my WP7 projects. Top stuff!

Nice giveaway! Thank you for this chance to win such a great prize!

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Joining! Hoping to win since it would definitely help me in my projects!

Here’s hopin’. It does look like a helpful, well designed tool.

Great giveaway. This is a very useful software. My tweet is:!/k1922h/status/116227684954157057


nice giveaway. hope to win the prize

Its really an incredible giveaway! Thanks Thanks a lot! :))
Following you an Visifire on tweeter.!/pradeep_nasa

Nice giveaway! Count me in. Thanks.

nice giveaway, count me in.

Count me in for this.

this is a good one, I could really use it, thanks !

Count me in please.

Interesting tool!

This is what I need to help NPOs to develop better presentations and marketing material. I’m in!

Count me in. Done the steps.

count me in i would love a developer licence !

Count me in please…

Nice tool. Count me in.

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Thanks for the useful postl

i also would love a developer licence

Awfully well written blog..

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