Showcase Of Effective And Creatively Designed Contact Forms

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  1. Robert says:

    These are fantastic designs, love the Wing Cheng one 🙂

  2. Anneka Mistry says:

    Great collection of contact pages. I think it’s important to design a contact page that in keeps with the style of your website. I’ve seen many sites where the site is designed really well but the contact page and 404 page have no design elements on them at all. Having a well designed contact page can encourage visitors to make an enquiry and also give you as a designer something fun to do with it, and create something visually appealing.

  3. qwe says:

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  4. qwe says:

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  5. Jeetendra Maharjan says:

    Nice! And thanks for listing our website too…

  6. شات الطائف says:

    Thanks for sharing these cool collection of apps.