By AN Jay on May 30, 2011

Web Hosting Accounts With Unlimited Resources Giveaway From Zyma

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  Advertisement is running a contest, where 15 winners will get the web hosting accounts with unlimited web space. Well, you guys know what they are offering? Lets say it once again for n00bs. is one of the fastest growing web hosting companies in the UK. Their industry leading web hosting package offers the most attractive and comprehensive features for one the best prices on the internet. With their low cost web hosting package, You can host your website on superfast hi-speed servers, supporting over 70+ scripts and technologies.

Hosting Account Features
Unlimited Web space
Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited SQL Databases
Unlimited Addon-domains
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Free Google Vouchers
Free Transfer & Setup
Free Tech Support
cPanel Web Hosting
Fantastico De Luxe
Softaculous Premium
Attracta seo tools via cPanel

This contest will run from May 30, 2011 to June 3, 2011 and we will select the winners randomly by running MySQL query. Result can be announced any day before June 8, 2011 so keep visiting here or subscribe to our rss feed to get the latest updates. To participate in the contest and win Web Hosting from Zyma, All you have to do is :

1. Just leave a comment.

2. Use valid email ID in the email box.

3. Make sure that you are following @SmashingApps and @Zyma_Hosting on twitter and subscribe our rss feed to track this contest and for future updates.

4. And that’s it!

So, what are you waiting for now? Let’s participate in the contest and good luck!

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Exactly what I needed!

Woo hoo!
What a great idea for a comp!
I’ve been looking for a new web host too!
Fingers and toes crossed :)

I need a web host, thank you!

Awesome give away.

That is the giveaway for which I am waiting for… Now finally I got a chance to win, hope I will win…
Already a follower of smashingapps on twitter and now also following to Zyma… Subscriber already

Great! Count me in!

Unlimited hosting means all the toying around with little micro-applications as I want! Sounds awesome

That be awesome =)

Ready to host my own!

Awesome :D

Sign me up! :D

I really hope I win this contest.

Just what I needed, excellent initiative!

MySQL query.. put me first. I need a new web host.

I need one too.

I’m in. Good luck to all :)

Great news! Already a subscriber :)

excellent! thank you!

My current Webserver sucks, query choose me :)

Free and unlimited? Sign me up.

Cool, They have Python support, would be cool for Rails and Mono too, but free is free right?

WOW! :)

Nice! Sign me up!

Very cool!

Great give away.
Looking forward to get free account :)

Who couldn’t use more space?

Wow, this would make me even more awesome… if that is even possible.

I have been in the market for a new host.

Fingers crossed.

I have been in the market for a new host.

Fingers crossed.

Could really use a host service!

Remember Unlimited is never ever really unlimited… Alarm bells should always sound when companies offer Unlimited services. BUYERS BEWARE!!! if you are actually buying that is.

I hope to win this so much thanx guys for these wonderful giveaways :)))))))))))

Let’s hope I has good luck this time around :D

This is the best thing I’ve seen this morning! :D :D

Yes, I can!!!

Yes, please! :)

I hope I will be a winner!

Wow! Count me in!

Very nice!

I wanna win!

I was participate in this giveaway tree times and never win…

Please, please, please dear holly god of mysql… I want a hosting of Zyma.

If i win… well… i will use.

Woah nice one.

This is great. I like it.

Very very nice, indeed!

Now a days, webspace are always an issue for selecting the right provider. With Zyma’s offer of unlimitted space, goes to show that the person behind this company are indeed committed to deliver!

Wow nice deal!

Awesome, i want to move from blogger here.

Awesome! Very Cool!

Cool , thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all

That’s a nice offer!.

Yay. I can always use more hosting.

I hope I win this one.

I really need this!

I really want to win this time.

Good Give away :)


Why not :)

Count me in!

Super, toll! Wunderbar! Echt super! Ich freue mich im Voraus.

I’m in too :-)

YEY, just as i needed :P


Heard a alot about zyma, looking forward to switch over!

I am sure I am the winner :)

Free web hosting. Can it get any better?…. Does it include beer?…. No?….. Well it could get a litte better. But not much.

It will be up to 15 winners? Incredible news. Great contest.

zyma- i’m pretty sure i will make good use of this hosting account.

Incredibly generous of Zyma and Smashing Apps to give away a package like this – Keeping my toes crossed – I need my fingers for the keyboard!

I want one!

hope, hope, hope.

Thank you!

Wow~ Pick me~

Love you Zyma. Will use the account to prepare my profile website.

What a great idea for a comp!
I’ve been looking for a new web host too!


Thanks for hosting this contest! Would love to try this service. :)

I could really use this!

Thanks for this.
Wish me luck.

Thanks for the contest been organised

and let me hope for winning it :)

This would get me off Blogger. I’d love to win it!

I just love this Blog, way to go! I hope I can get one of these free hosting accounts :)


Woo hoo – thanks a lot in anticipation

I really need a webhost for my school websites.

Thank you and wish me Good Luck

Yes please! And thanks to smashingapps and zyma!

Definitely could use this. It would be a great motivator for me to spend a weekend organizing 9 years of sites and garbage on my existing host and getting everything off their overpriced and feature deficient server.

A new and free web hosting account would be an amazing win for me!

Wow! What a better a way to have my folio site! Pick me please..Thank you very much ZYMA.

Awesome! Count me in – hopefully!! Thanks

Wow! I want that! :)

It’d be great winning a giveway like this! Thank you!

I would love to have it. Thanks Smashing Apps!

Please save me from my slooooow host!

Hope can get this one ! :D

Sure wouldn’t hurt!

Sign me up!

Hosting is something, that I really need right now..

Wow! All are unlimited and FREE, mean very a great for the lucky one! I also want it too! If I win it, it help me as Deaf Designer to do new portfolio website and launch new blog – Deaf Asia on first time! Then, it’s very great winning from heart of Deaf designer! :D

Am in desperate need of hosting and in a rut financially. It’s a long shot but huge thanks for running this promo so I have a shot at taking care of that need. Thumbs up!

Wow, hope I’ll get one

Done!! I am really needing one, hope I get it. Luck for me, lol.

Hey, hey ;) This opportunity is what tigers love the most ;)
I am trying my luck here ;)

I hope to win this! Thanks to zymaand smashing apps ;)

may i have luck ?
thanks for the giveaway :)

Zyma is AWESOME.

I’m in!
My Twitter username is @WeContest

Wish me luck : )

I am in. Zyma is awesome. Thanks!

Thanks for this, a good chance to try or switch over!

I want to participate.

Let me in for this

This is a great competition. Thanks to smashing apps for bring this.

Me want in

I want in on the contest, thanks

This price will be in Cancun… ;)

I want in too….

I need change my host:)

Great offer. Hope I can win. Following you and Zyma Hosting on Twitter.

[...] to all of the participants of contest in which Web Hosting Accounts With Unlimited Resources from Zyma were givingaway. We ran the MySQL random query and selected these 15 comments to give them free Web Hosting [...]

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