Eight Cool Apps That Show The Power Of HTML5


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  1. HTML Codes Dude says:

    Great list as usual. iPaint is a really good version of a canvas based drawing app.

  2. Ardelle Weinstein says:

    Its really very interesting blog,I read whole story of this article its very nice.

  3. Joe says:

    Great article! Love Klowdz for drawing shapes in clouds, but noticed a few typos there in the article.

  4. Dave says:

    Good selection, I’ll be checking out the ‘CSS3 maker’ and the ‘was it up’ still amazed by the speed html5 has been embraced and some of the things that can be achieved using it.

  5. bijuterii says:

    Canvas Threshold Filter is very useful for our engraving needs… tks

  6. Anneka Mistry says:

    Interesting list. I especially like the Font Dragr and IMGIM. The capabilities of HTML5 are amazing and the integration of SVG and multimedia elements makes it a lot easier for designers, limiting the need for extra plugins and and API’s. With all the browsers such as the new version of Chrome and IE9 making them more compatible with HTML5 it will be a powerful tool for designers and web users alike.

  7. Scented Sachet says:


  8. زفات - موقع زفات - زفه العروس says:

    Dear admin..Really thanks lot for all these