Showcase Of Creative Typography In Modern Web Design


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  1. Adrian says:

    Some truly inspirational example of great typography here! Thanks for sharing :o)

  2. Jocelyna says:

    Amazing typography web design collection, I got lot’s of inspiration from the work.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Museida says:

    What a nice and inspirational list of webdesigns, thank you for sharing.

  4. Heather says:

    Great collection, I am amazed. I have been thinking about some changes to my web page recently and I find some of these ideas very inspirational. Especially Rvlt and also Moozedesign, however I am affraid I wouldn’t be able to use it on my page :D. Thanks for the list.

  5. Anneka Mistry says:

    I must say I am a huge fan of typography based websites. I think it makes a nice change from the bog standard big images that dominate the top half of websites. But there can be a risk when using large typography as a basis on a website, it needs to balanced out with the right colours, imagery and textures in order to achieve full effect and not making the site look too text based. My favourite has to be Carsonified, I’ve admired this site for a while! Great use of typography, images and colours that makes me keep going back. With new technologies such as @font-face and Google Font API allowing us to use non web safe fonts in our designs, it opens up many more possibilities. I’ve found that Google API is the most efficient when looking at cross browser use, however Google’s font directory is slightly limited, and if your wanting to go a bit crazy with your typography @font-face is the best way to go, but be aware the fonts do render differently on different browsers and computers and also watch out for licensing restrictions on the fonts you use!

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