The Most Essential Apps For Smartphones You Can’t Live Without

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    just awesome collection of applications 🙂

  2. zaryl says:

    thanks Smashing Apps.
    pretty good collection here..
    would like to try Evernote and Waze.

  3. Mia Lazar says:

    Adobe PS express and Skypa are my favorites.

  4. That Guy says:

    You should probably leave out the part about these being apps we cannot live without.

    – Waze = Awful and WILL get you lost if you use it as a GPS for directions.
    – Photoshop express is.. “meh”. Not enough features.
    – has a lot of work to do before I rely on them for finances. (Doesn’t even show pending transactions).
    – Google Mobile App is unnecessary and a waste of space. Everything about google is available online and formatted for mobile.
    – Never Tried eBuddy
    – Evernote is decent. I have it but rarely use it.
    – Dropbox is the only one on there I really like.

    Opinions based on iPhone versions

  5. bill says:

    I can live without all of ’em.

  6. Ken says:

    Thanks for the list! Dropbox is a definite must-have. I’ve used Evernote in the past but I’ve recently switched to Springpad, which is worth checking out. 🙂 Cheers!

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