The 5 Useful (And Unknown) Operating Systems You Probably Never Heard Of


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  1. Didier Misson says:


    – I already try ReactOS.
    – I used SuSE several years on my desktop at home, and I try OpenSuSE.
    – I try gOS :

    – I already boot a BSD CD … 😉

    No, I know JoliCloud, but I not yet try it 😉

  2. Mr. J. says:

    It would have been nicer if the author had written that ReactOS is still in alpha.

  3. asdf says:

    Read . It is an excellent website which of course list trends in operating systems, but as of recent (post 2004) has followed up on multiple more tech trends (including video, web, codecs, formats, etc).

  4. CMD says:

    OpenSuse isn’t exactly obscure!

  5. Keshav says:

    Exactly my point as CMD.
    A lot more people know of openSUSE than, maybe the other mentioned here. You really can’t assume that a large majority of your readers “probably haven’t heard of openSUSE”

  6. webangel78 says:

    openSUSE isn’t unknown operating system. Are you know that this OS is used as default operating system from government and many other institutions in Germany? 🙂

  7. steve says:

    Great list: linux, ReactOS, linux-like, linux and linux. the only one that was vaguely interesting and that anyone not living under a rock wouldn’t have heard of was reactOS.

    What about actually doing a bit of research? There are heaps of interesting OSes out there. How about
    FreeDOS – used by a lot of hardware manafacturers for bootable firmware disks.
    Aros – an open source version of the brilliant Amiga OS (Amiga is set to relaunch its hardware soon BTW)
    Sylable Desktop, similar to amiga / unix
    Haiku – an open source reworking of BeOS, another brilliant dinosaur OS
    And there’s a gazillion others.

  8. aditia says:

    I haven’t heard all of them before, except opensuse
    I think suse is the old player in OS market

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