By AN Jay on October 6, 2010

50 Best Designed Logos With Punctuation Marks

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A properly designed logo will help you establishing brand name and defining the nature of a corporation. This is the reason why designers are very much keen in experimenting with the new and interesting designs of logo just like here; in this post we are showcasing some very inspirational punctuation based logos.

All the logos mentioned below are designed from the punctuation marks such as commas, colons and semicolons, exclamation marks, question marks, brackets and parentheses. We are sure you will find them very interesting and creative.

Elephant Talk

Fuel Quoter



Quote Lock

What is Love?






Fire Embrion


Dignity Design

Good News!

Green Yet?


MoviQuotes 4

Web Company


Fight Quotes



Writer’s Shock

Design Mark

Quote Meister


Quote Kid


Quote Nine

My Quest


Quote Builder

Punch Quotes

Luv Talk

Skater Code

What the Duck

Stellar Quotes

Estimated Time of Arrival



uote Stork

Geetha Arts

MoviQuotes 4

Okey Design

Screwed code

Killer Quotes

Person Tage


Inequality Records

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Woah! This is a great post. Oddly enough I have never thought of using punctuation marks for my logos. I really love the What Is Love, Buzzword Studios and the Elephant talk logos. Keep up the good posts, this one was a collection of really impressive branding.

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Outstnding designs ,so nice to see …

Great logo designs for inspiration.
Thanks for sharing this.

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I have tried that myself and I created a Twitter logo :-D. It’s my first logo design :-D.

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great, your blog design is definitely great, I am hunting to get a new theme for my personal website, I like yours, now I’ll go research the identical design!…

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