5 Best Free Websites To Learn Foreign Languages

Umar Anjum

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  1. Justin Wilhere says:

    Live Mocha is an excellent site and what a wonderful idea.

  2. ET Morris says:

    These programs provide an idea for a friend who is working with preschoolers that speak Spanish at home and have limited English language skills. The high price of popular language programs puts them out of reach, but free sounds interesting.

  3. mahnaz says:

    I would like improved my English language.

  4. maryam says:

    I want to larn Engish.

  5. maryam says:

    I would like improved my English language

  6. maryam says:

    thanks for haliin me

  7. xaniar says:

    hi my name is xaniar

  8. lanluocet says:

    i want to improve my English level,i also want to learn others

  9. John says:

    How could you forget about the beautiful website – ESLPod.com? Actually it doesn’t help you to learn foreign languageS, just one – English, but using so powerful and convenient way!

  10. ouyang says:

    This article is well write. writing article is awesome, I always look for quality content, thanks for sharing.

  11. Abby Castro says:

    Content is definitely of high-quality. Thanks for the great article!

  12. Bjorn says:

    Tried LiveMocha, and it was infested with spammers so I deleted my account

  13. Kristina says:

    I like busuu and livemocha, but for learning Spanish SpanishDict.com is the best for me.

  14. iimt says:

    Thank You for this article. Shure it will help me.

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