Absolutely Amazing Digital Paintings That Make You Say Wow


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  1. WebCreationUK says:

    Amazing art, really amazing! Thanks

  2. ditatompel says:

    ..and it’s true… I say “WOW”

  3. oliver says:

    Some realy nice illustrations here. Thanks for searching and sharing.

    Warrior Cartoons – the New Look to the Eternal Theme – http://www.cruzine.com/2010/07/28/warrior-cartoons-illustrations/

  4. Warren Jerzyszek says:

    Wow! these paintings are a amazing… I am a keen digital painter and spend quite a few hours on each piece. I cant really pick a favorite out of all of these but I thought the attention to detail in the Arctic Express 2008 painting is truly amazing. Time to get the Wacom out!

  5. office code says:

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  6. XafiloX says:

    Woow…these painting are great…is there any tutorial where i can start learning how to do that wonderfull paintings?

    Guau…estas imágenes son geniales…hay algún tutorial basico para aprender a hacerlas?

  7. Ana Leal says:


  8. Shane says:

    Incredible examples of digital paintings, well done to the artists!!

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