Online Project Management Made Easy With ProWorkflow


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  1. John Evans says:

    As a long time ProWorkflow customer, it’s great to see more coverage for them. An awesome tool and the team there have always gone the extra mile for us.

  2. Andy M says:

    Gr8 Post! I would like to introduce another awesome tool which I use to manage my projects – Taroby

  3. Thomas Craig Consulting says:

    Nice review, will have to give it a test run on some upcoming projects.

  4. Ron says:

    There are better alternatives out there! ActiveCollab, Copper Project, GoPlan and ComindWork come to mind.

  5. David Morisseau says:

    What I like about ProWorkFlow is its integration of features from other aspects of business management that help bring a ton of efficiency to the workplace. Many smart businesses (small and large) are beginning to pick up on the advantages of combining not just any one single business tool (ie CRM or project management or billing), but rather a tool that combines features of all three.

    Every business operates differently and its important to find the right tool that’s going to fit your businesses needs specifically. Trying to find a “blanket” solution because its popular before seeing what specific features it has that cater to your business is never a good idea.

    What I often see is companies go from using a project management tool to using a CRM tool and then also a billing tool. They do so because not any one single application can cover the needs of their business, so they go around increasing their monthly spending paying more on other applications that don’t even integrate well with their other tools.

    The businesses that are picking up on this are going for a newer concept to put (literally) everything in one place. An example application that does this is WORKetc. They combine billing, project management, and CRM features into one simple online software. Users are able to handle every aspect of their business from one place and collaborate on everything.

    I have done work with WORKetc so you may think me bias, but I find their feature set outdoes that of the majority of its competitors, even those that only cover one specific area (just CRM or just project management). If you want a comparison of WORKetc versus all of the main competitors features, go to ( ) for more information than I can give you.

    Logically, I just don’t see why people don’t spend less and have only one application for everything and not have to worry about integrating!

    Hope that was helpful,


  6. John says:

    Greeat and extensive post. It’s nice to see more robust project management tools gaining traction in the market. Another tool I would recommend checking out is Intervals. Cheers!