5+2 Best Apps To Securely Sync Online And Share Your Files


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  1. Niklas says:

    Whatever happened to Dropbox, prey tell?

  2. Lukas Hinsch says:

    Thanks for the great list! I am searching for a good tool to sync my files. Do you have a favourite?

  3. Viki Pandit says:

    I think dropbox is the best with “Dropbox folder Sync” So my Folders remain where there are on my machines and also get synced

  4. Tom Batey says:

    Good list but you could also have Sugarsync on there, as that is an app I use to share files with other people plus sync data across PCs. Free version has 2Gb of space too.

  5. Kent Tan says:

    Dropbox is the best! esp with the iphone app! It reads PDFs (even large ones) flawlessly, and its free!

  6. evtixia says:

    My favorite app to sync my files from my Iphone to my account is 4shared app. It is free and very simple in use. Just in a few clicks I can sync my files on the go. I also like the space of the account – 15 GB for free it’s cool! I enjoy it a lot.

  7. techoba says:

    These free online Sync tools are quite good, sometimes even better than the paid ones.

  8. Alex says:

    Don’t forget the Livedrive app. Livedrive offers unlimited online storage and using the Livedrive app you can stream music, videos, do picture slide shows and view and edit documents all from your stored files online without them having to be saved on your iPhone.


    Livedrive Team

  9. vik says:

    There is a new software that has a free version for consumers (not free for business use) which automatically synchronizes with Google Docs and documents can be edited offline with MS Office or Open Office. It is also a complete document management tool for the PC.
    Take a look at http://www.busydocs.com

  10. Harry says:

    SpiderOak is too cryptic. I set it up on two computers, using the same account, but there was no obvious way to address the second machine. It would only let me use “Sync” if I first uploaded from the SECOND machine. Dropbox is much more fluid.

  11. Stevemcnamar says:

    Interesting post but what about 4shared? As for me it is the best file sharing service. You didn’t add it to list even :))

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