By DB on May 4, 2010

microWorkers: A Quick Way To Earn Money By Doing Easy Micro Jobs

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Some of us have schedules that give us small breaks in our day. These breaks are usually spent doing pointless activities, just to pass our time. What if there was a way to earn money in the same free time, without investing any extra minutes? Converting our free and wasted time into something productive is something which surely everybody would want to do.

For all such people, microWorkers is a wonderful website.


microWorkers is a free to use website that lists small jobs. By ‘small’ I mean jobs that require a small amount of time and have only a small amount of money associated with them.


In order to start using microWorkers, visitors are required to create a free account and click on the activation link they are emailed. Only one account per user is allowed and anybody creating multiple accounts is banned.


After creating your account, head on over to the “Available Jobs” section to quickly find out the type of jobs people have posted.


You will find that most of the available jobs can be done on the internet during our free time and will take no longer than 15 minutes.

Once a job has been completed and the employer has marked it so on his/her microWorkers account, the site credits the payment to your account. The mode of payment is PayPal, Check, Moneybookers, etc. Note that processing the payment amount of the job can take up to 30 business days.

microWorkers, in conclusion, is a great way to make a somewhat substantial earning and transforming our wasted time into something useful. Click here to visit the site and start making money in your free time.

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Great idea, I’m going to check this out. Very cool idea.

Anyone tried this yet?
How does it compare to mturk and the other microtask sites?

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Check another site like this :, any idea about this ?

1 . the poor have no money hence we making money

really good website

i had made 30$ in just 35 days….

nic join now :)

give me a chance to win the exiting prizes,

i did not like it , they are not cool

not sure if it’s really worth the time, I’d rather spend time promoting my own blog and earn passive income….nice info though…

I am new in this site. i do not know how to wark in microworkers site.

How i can earn money easy way with micro workers

try a site like micrworkers but has no fees and pay daily

You are paid in this site just when the people sign up by your link:

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There are beneficial articles in that blog.If you want to learn tricks of earning money from internet, you should read these articles.

they are scam, don’t even try them anymore. they will just get your money and terminate your account once you reached the payout. happened to me. they won’t answer to your emails, delete your post and ban you on their facebook fanpage. wow they are pro at scamming and they have no shame.

@sk8er431 will not delete accounts unless fraud has occured. What exactly did you do ?



Thank you so much for your message .I am interested & willing to always work with a team.

Pls send me details of the work.

Thanks & Best Regards,



Thank you so much for your message .I am interested & willing to always work with a team.

Pls send me details of the work.

Thanks & Best Regards,
ahmed saeed.

Build your sucsessful life by microworkers.

very nice info you have provide us thanx for this post. i have join this site its really a good earning way.

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