How To Effectively Manage Your Projects And Teams Online


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  1. That Guy says:

    The host it yourself prices just made me fall out of my seat. There are a thousand apps like this… I see no features in this that explain the reasons for the pricing.

  2. Sam Kidd says:

    Hi Guy,

    TeamworkPM is mainly a hosted app and starts at just 12 per month. The host-it-yourself version is really just an option for companies who need to store their data in-house and we completely install, support and manage these installations.

  3. That Guy says:

    That’s good to know Sam however, you should add the extra support as an extra fee. I much rather prefer hosting myself with my company. I am using a self-hosted solution right now that costed $0 dollars and I still get support for it and it has the same features +More. Granted the support is probably not as good, I have had to ask for support maybe once. Your system visually looks much more appealing at first but having the source allows me to skin it myself anyway.

  4. Kent Tan says:

    Comparisons with BaseCamp?

  5. Andy Moles says:

    Thanks Chris, Teamwork looks interesting! I would like to introduce you to another Cool Web Application called Taroby which I’d been using to manage my teams, projects, emails and lots more… Hope you’ll like it too.

  6. TradiArt says:

    Hello! That Guy, can you please let us know which app are you talking about? We haven’t find any self hosted solution yet for project management.

    Thank you!

  7. Sam Kidd says:

    @TradiArt we have a self hosted option of our full system TeamworkPM. You can find out a bit more about it here on our site

  8. Brett Widmann says:

    This has been very helpful! Thanks for the valuable info.