The Six Best Online Note Taking Apps You Would Love To Know

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  1. Nikki says:

    Google recently stopped development on Notebook, which means it is no longer being improved upon or open to sign-ups by new users.

    If you’re visiting notebook for the first time, instead try exploring other Google products that are still supported. For example, if you’re trying to jot down some quick notes or create a document that you can share with others, check out Google Docs. And Google Bookmarks lets you remember web pages that you liked and access them easily.

  2. Windy Phillips says:

    One that I didn’t see listed is Zotero. It works with mozilla browsers (Firefox, Flock) and does require installing an extension. It saves a full local version of any website as it existed at the time for you, which can be fabulous for note/reference since so many sites are updated so often.

  3. Petty says:

  4. Mike says:

    ditto on Evernote. Why no props? It’s the best combo in offline/online app and has great pda support.

  5. Ecommerce Web Designer says:

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  6. Jane...***I LOVE WEBDESIGN*** says:

    I love Google Google Notebook. Am using from the launch of it. Never tried any thing else till now. Now i got some choice here.

    Thanks Guys..

  7. Katrina Thompson says:

    Thanks for the list – I really like the look of NoteFish, I do a lot of online research and it does get messy!

  8. JJ says:

    Evernote is probably the best one out there, I use it all the time and it syncs automatically so my notes on my iPhone, Mac and online are always in sync. It’s free and has great features.

  9. ryan says:

    You guys forgot to mention SimpleNote ( Amazingly simple note taking app, with iphone/mac/windows counter parts for easy syncing.

  10. tauk says:

    Penzu ( was worth mentioning as well

  11. Robert Moreno says:

    I also wonder why Evernote wasn’t listed. I use it for everything like jotting down when I payed a bill, collecting recipes, or saving a good troubleshooting how-to article.

    Saves me from making too many bookmarks.

  12. Spring says:

    Nice posts, but for hassle free and cost free online note taking, try No personal information required just register any access name and password then you’re ready to take notes.

  13. Art Geigel says:

    If you are a law school student who wants to take law school notes online then check out You develop your outline automatically throughout the semester while you take notes.

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