By AN Jay on December 28, 2009

35 Exceptional Logo Rebranding Of 2009 For Your Inspiration

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This is the post dedicated to the logo rebranding in 2009 of few renowned brands. This post will give you an idea in one place for great logo design trends in this age. It helps you to boost up your creative men who are willing to create the new logo for his client or himself. Overall, logos showing in this list are simple, sleek and decent having a look of current web 2.0 trend. The usage of color scheme, font selection and look and feel of presentation is really cool and attractive. This list is not long in numbers, but I promise you that when you start watching them in detail it will must boost your creative logo design ideas professionally and motivate you to design your new logo in a way that people will never forget that you have made it. This is a list of 35 Exceptional Logo Rebranding In 2009 For Your Inspiration and Information.

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Mozilla’s Firefox

Armani Exchange (A|X)


Imagine Games Network (IGN)


Art Gallery of Alberta


America Online (AOL)




The New York Public Library

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ)

Network Solutions

My Little Pony

Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI)

Chicken Now

PlayStation 3




Apple Quicktime

Sunny D

Union Bank

Packard Bell

Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design

France Guide


Air France

AFC Champions League


Discovery Kids


Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD)

Thanks to Brand New that is the source of Logos above.

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Nice post. Some of them were better before tho. Quicktime and AOL for instance.

Nice collection :)

[...] reading over at Smashing Apps… [...]

Beautiful thanks! Great design work!
For more inspiration I recommand:


Most of these before afters could be switched without any discernible difference.

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very nice. some of theme are really better then before.
Thanks to share :)

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Most of them very good but some were better before. did not get why they have changed it. it would have been better if we had seen the brief as well.

Awesome collection!!-

Some of these are really amazing!

I love the 6th One.. Its Love IT :P

And honestly, you have a great list. I just can’t stop drooling.

you have a great list. I just can’t stop drooling.


I see Firefox went all out with their

Sometimes you just need to leave a good thing alone. Many of the logos where better before and iconic images. I don’t know why Quicktime or AOL would want to change their logo. They have logos that almost anyone who has spent more than a week on a computer would recognize. I am sad about the Nickelodeon logo changing. The old one just reminds me so much of my childhood but I suppose I have to accept the fact that times are changing.

Will MSN re-design their logo when seeing this web page? haha~

Most of them look better when redesigned. I prefer the old AOL logo though.

[...] 35 Exceptional Logo Rebranding Of 2009 For Your Inspiration Submitted by Editorial Team [...]

realy… very, very, very beaultiful!!!

All logo are very beautiful…
thanks by this inspiration!!!

Is it all change for the sake of change, or an actual upgrade? I seem to miss the logic behind many of these changes. I’m not even sure if the ‘After’ version looks prettier or sleeker than the ‘Before’ one. The Videocon facelift is striking. But how do you explain the reason for changing the Opera or the Pfizer logos?

You mention gorgeous history live here man.. Excellent Job Man.. Great work I have so far.. Awesome..

Good Job .. Keep it Up..

Great Collection of Logo Design Old V/S New.

What an idea Sirji??

An idea can change your Life..

It’s work true statement.


Great collection, thx.

Thanks for the collection! Actually I still prefer some of the old logos – like AOL or hertz!

Nice list! I like the small changes in logos like Pfizer, Firefox and Corbis.

[...] 35 Exceptional Logo Rebranding [...]

Really like Emily Carr one. Tremendous Change!

Great compilation of the evolution of logo design. Its a tricky thing, moving into the future while keeping your brand recognizable…

nice overview! Like the new ones!

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[...] con gli esempi, nel 2009 molte sono state le aziende che hanno trasformato il proprio marchio in relazione ad un utilizzo più massiccio del web come strumento per veicolare i propri messaggi e [...]

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