How Popular Website Designs Looked Like In Late 90’s


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  1. Dylan says:

    Oh my god. This is such a lazy digg-bait article.

    1. Visit, type address into Wayback Machine
    2. Take screenshot.
    3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as desired, apply AdSense. Post.

  2. Anonymous says:

    @Dylan: Who cares; it’s interesting.

  3. Chris says:

    Haha – Amazon looks almost identical after 10 years!

  4. virtual tour company says:

    Some of them haven`t changed much! Great article!

  5. idontdothisoften says:

    You know I don’t do this often at all, commenting on the stuff I come across on digg, but I _have_ to mention something about how ad-less all these pages are. The internet was such a frontier back then, everyone was still just covering new ground and didn’t know how to truly profit off of it. It makes me miss the simplicity of maxpages, and

    I’ll pour one out for you, Internet of the 90’s.

  6. Jake says:

    Should have included a screen shot of the Netscape home.

  7. Parth says:

    Ugh. Talk about ugly web fashion! I guess that was the modern then. If there are websites that still look like that, I would leave immediately!

  8. Dave Sparks says:

    Not as hideous as I though they might be. Brilliant to see how some of them haven’t changed much – brand awareness I think.

  9. Orca says:

    Technet still looks like the Microsoft site !

    Amazon is a good brand that shows you that you dont have to be drastic to upgrade your site.

    Hotmail was god damn awful, the BBC’s structure seems the same but better laid out and prettier and Yahoo & MSN has always been to busy for me, its an onslaught to the eyes !

  10. John Davis says:

    OMG the 90s were all the rage!


  11. csselite says:

    Easy lads … in 10 someone will put in that kind of post (if blogs will still exist) today designs.

  12. SadistiX says:

    my god, they are hideous

  13. yup says:

    pretty pathetic…a lot of the web sites still look the same and we are moving back to less text…more pictures…more white space.

    has that much really changed?

  14. Bryan says:

    I enjoyed the article. It is interesting to note that even then Apple was at the forefront of design. Theirs definitely is the most “modern” looking, in my opinion.

  15. Fatma says:

    Nice list 🙂
    I wanted to say the same thing I think apple had the best design even back then 🙂
    I still remember hotmail’s front page 🙂

  16. NickH says:

    I think some of you guys need to view these in the context of the time!

    Bear in mind we were dealing with Internet Explorer 5 and 5.5, Netscape 4… IE6 wasn’t out for another 2 years and Firefox was the name of a Clint Eastwood movie

    CSS was in it’s infancy, and most people only had 56k modems.

    TO try and acheive the quality and standard of design we have today would have been near impossible without resorting to full page image with hotspots… which many people did!

    be thankful for progress people 🙂

  17. Michael Rose says:

    1996 Pepsi World

    *shakes head*

    *tries not to vomit*

  18. Noah says:

    In 199x, the standard was a home page couldn’t be more than 60 KB in *total*. Sub-pages were 20KB.

    To transfer 60KB over a 56k modem (the ideal target of the time) takes 8 seconds. 20 KB, 2 seconds.

    Yahoo’s home page today is 740 KB.

    That would have taken 1 minute and 48 seconds to load. That’s why they look the way they do.

    Also don’t forget — it was the 90s:

  19. Smashing Themes says:

    Apple and BBC looks better even then. Sony’s site, looks like shit. Oh God, where we have reached just in 10 years!

  20. Reg says:

    I think Amazon’s stood up quite well. I can’t remember Hotmail ever looking so grotty.

  21. Akmal Wardak says:

    This is lame.
    as @Dylan noted in the first comment, this is just a pure digg-bait article to generate more pageviews.

    I have noticed from the past, SmashingApps have been posting these kind of stuff but this is probably the cheapest of all. That’s because I have seen this type of post in tens if not hundreds of sites already, in fact, I posted the same thing months ago.


  22. tonyrocks says:

    Total digbait. I already submitted a link like this YEARS ago:

    I didn’t even get one digg, but this one gets almost 1000? Da heck?

  23. Lucas Tadeu says:

    Hahaha, it kinda makes me laugh.Because I remember using google and yahoo 9 years, but I didn’t realize how they changed so much til now.

  24. Michelle says:

    Some of these look similar to what they are today, but all around these are interesting. We have come a long way and its nice to look back and see what has improved!

  25. Trevor says:

    I enjoyed this posted, because I has us take a look at how far we have come in our web designs since then.

  26. christian says:

    this made me smile… i actually remember these 😛

    i think aesthetically they have morphed,
    but functionally, meaning the structure of the inputs and links… is the same.
    what changes is everything around it, light blue vs dark blue, pixelated vs smooth…


  27. Kamil Kaniuk says:

    haha, there is still so many corporate websites around there looking as if they were made in 90s… 😉

  28. epc says:

    I’ve put together a graphical history of IBM’s corporate homepage here:

  29. Josh Cleland says:

    Here’s a fun thing to do. Search Go back to Oct. 22, 1996, and then click “internet tutorial”. Fun.

  30. zolar says:

    Whoa.. what a collection.
    very nostalgic

  31. MJ says:

    Give me the old webpages any day… they were so simple and functional, as bandwidth increases so does the clutter and redundant page designs, only those who know nothing of the internet back then would comment about how far we’ve gone “forward”.

  32. Kiel says:

    One day we will look at our current websites and laugh.

  33. curious says:

    i think these guys stole your post without due credit, i saw it earlier today…’s/

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