7 Best Free Image Hosting And Photo Sharing Websites

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  1. Steve says:

    Good info, but would’ve been more useful if it talked about limitations for each (bandwidth limitations, etc.). Just sayin’


  2. Danh ba web 2.0 says:

    I like Photobucket and Pic – very simple and fast !

  3. HostanyImage.com says:

    Well, you can try www.hostanyimage.com as well. It provides unlimited bandwidth, space and unmetered hotlinking. The image host supports six file types as well 🙂

  4. António says:

    I love the simple www.uploadimagens.com. I can Upload big files, no problem!

  5. Carl says:

    I like KoffeePhoto, a simple and not to geeky solution although packed with features including an optionnal desktop photo organizer with automatic synchronization.


  6. hadi060 says:

    Nice free image hosting services list.. I always use photobucket but I’ll try others..
    Thanks for sharing..

  7. Karl says:

    http://www.1PixelHost.com probably beats them all. I always use them and the upload time is very fast.Faster than any image hosting site I’ve ever used before.

  8. Chris says:

    I use Flickr as well as Photobucket. I should just pick one because it’s getting harder and harder to find my pics.

  9. Alan says:

    I have started with Flickr, but have heard of BlueMelon and have tried it and am uploading my 3.5 GB already – the uploaders are great and the service as such is much better than Flickr – here I have uploaded just some 400 MB and am there much longer than on BM. BM is worth it and if you pay 25 USD – you get unlimited storage for a year. Which is also very important for me is that they store the originals of my photos there. Well, try it and post what you think 😉

  10. Jamerz says:

    No way! 7 BEst? What about http://www.inselpix.com and cheapimagehosting.com? Where’d you get your data? N/m, it must be your opinion or you just didn’t do enough searchin’ on the web?

  11. imageplanet.us says:

    i really like http://www.imageplanet.us as a free unlimited image hosting site

  12. V.C says:

    Photobucket is suck.
    I recommend another site is imageshack.

  13. cannible says:

    I use http://www.g4vault.com for my image hosting. Unlimited image uploads, you can upload up to 5 images at a time and accounts are free so you can keep track of your images.

  14. Jack says:

    Maybe www.myalbumonline.org
    very professional and free.

  15. Robert says:

    http://www.1pixelhost.com I bet you wont look for another imagehosting ever again!

  16. links london says:

    Thank you very much, I was looking for this!
    links london

  17. lk82 says:


    Best free image hosting site:


    1. zip, url, multiple files upload support
    2. 50 MB file size limit
    3. password protected and public gallary options
    and many more….


  18. Image Shuffle says:

    Image Shuffle is the best Image Hosting & Photo Sharing.

  19. ghd Hair staightener says:

    Your article is write very well, I like it very much ~
    I wish you have a wonderful day!Thank you.

  20. Flores says:

    The title of your article is: “7 Best Free Image Hosting And Photo Sharing Websites.” I am wondering that you put Flikr, photobucket and so on in a very high among the lists. Flickr just gives away 200 pictures for FREE, so how could you put flick in the best 7 FREE images webshoting? The same with Photobucket, just gives away 1GB and maximum 1024X768 pixels size for FREE. You suppose to put DotPhoto that gives away unlimited FREE numbers of photos also Webshots which also gives away thousands (in my case more than 6000) pictures for FREE. For me the best for FREE images hosting is Dotphoto, Webshots and some others but not Flickr and Photobucket. God bless!

  21. frantz says:

    You might also wanna add http://www.shareApixel.com
    Its a free image host, no account required, and they support remote/direct linking. Just upload, and grab your codes.

  22. Will Jennings says:

    http://www.photoswarm.com is a good one too.

  23. Joe says:

    You should add BPLinx
    It supports PNG, JPEG, and GIF downloads, as well as uploads of zips up to 200 MB.

  24. pustefisk says:

    I like www.mejuba.com the best. Its completly free – no restrictions on videos or pictures (well maby its 1 GB per file). And the interface is like Windows explorer – by far the best!

  25. Pranav Bhasin says:

    You missed out on lifeblob photo sharing and discovery – http://www.lifeblob.com. There is no limit on space and as you add your photos, it discovers related photos of friends and shows them next to yours. Also, if you are an amateur photographer looking to grow your expertise, this is a great place to be instead of the flickr pro community.

  26. Maq says:

    Hello everyone, i just love luknux.com they have every feature you could wish from a image hosting company and a great plus is that if you register you get unlimited free spotify accounts!

  27. Yucin TXT says:

    Maybe http://image.freecy.tk
    very professional and free.

  28. Greg W says:

    Simple Image Hosting over at http://simimg.com/ is also free. With 2.5 MB upload limits, no registration required, but if you do register, they can upload multiple Images at once and can also make albums.

  29. Pete says:

    Very simple, secure and reliable image hosting is hard to find. I’ve used www.uploadimage.com for a long time and never had any problems.

  30. Johnson Yip says:

    I don’t really like photobucket or imageshack because it has ugly place holders when a image is deleted or the account is inactive. I have to remove the images from forum posts since they are such a eye soar.

    I like tinypic. It is simple and easy to use.

  31. Steve says:

    Great article — I am always on the lookout for free resources and you have posted some great ones… however flicker is so slow at times I like the no fuss ones myself….

    Another one for your lists is the most reliable and best free image hosting website on the net and I use them quiet freqyently http://www.digitalfrenzy.net

    Look forward to visiting your blog again!

  32. Peter Thomsen says:

    I just signed up with www.mejuba.com. Unlimited storage for both videos and pictures and it’s completly free. No monthly limits or qoutas.
    Photos and videos are stored in their original formats and sizes and are kept unmodified for backup.
    I also like that you can geo-tag your stuff so it shows up on a map. And you can search for stuff on the map – that’s cool!.
    As the only site i know of it uses a Windows Explorer like navigation with folders – super eacy to use – even has drag and drop!.
    I can highly recommend it.

  33. Qasim says:

    Check this


  34. David Carey says:

    unlimited storage and bandwidth usage + extra tools to make uploading easy i think this site is the best


  35. Alex says:

    Just thought I would leave my web-site here. Have been uploading images fast and free for about a year now!



  36. Charlotte Jensen says:

    I agree with Peter – www.mejuba.com is a super site!

  37. Tagger says:

    Very good list of image sharing.
    I just started my new image hosting and sharing ( www.tagsimage.com) the list gave me more motivations to improve my website thanks.

  38. Joanna says:

    i upload all my photo and junk at http://www.hostwave.com cuz it rocks. My imgs are privately hosted unlike photocrap cuz everyone can see your junk.

  39. Andy says:

    Please try to use this image host http://www.stockimage.us .

  40. Photo Sharing says:

    Thanks for sharing this information with us . U guyz can also check photosharing site i.e photodekho.com, it’s amazing….

  41. Roy says:

    I store and share lot of wallpapers. 4shared is the best because of th multiupload feature. Just a few clicks and i can upload any amount of images and folders an once.

  42. rahul says:

    very good listing but i have experienced junglefaces.co.cc it a very good image sharing and hosting site.i m fully satisfied with the site.you should also include junglefaces.co.cc in your listings.

  43. Julia says:

    I use a mobile photo sharing software called qeep

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