Make Your Own Handwriting Fonts For Free

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  1. Webdesigner Depot says:

    There was a service called Fontifier that did the same, but it was like $10 – not sure if they’re still around, though.

    I don’t need it personally, my handwriting is a disaster, I wouldn’t want it as a font! 🙂

  2. George Manlangit says:

    Thanks for sharing this. This is a great tool. I’ll be trying it this weekend.

  3. Priyanka says:

    Its a very nice and interesting tool. Its very nice that we can personalize the fonts by using our own handwriting.

  4. FuttyClam says:

    this would come in handy for those in the graphic design industry.

  5. FJV says:

    This aint free, only trial. If you want to download your font you have to pay…!

  6. Melissa says:

    This site isn’t free!

  7. sayip says:

    why you say its for free, and at the end of all my work to create my font you want 15$. shame on youuuu

  8. JK says:

    This USED to be free. Now there is a charge. Please update the website in all fairness!!!!

  9. ELynne says:

    Not free anymore. 14.95. I have to pay to use my own handwriting these days?

  10. Allison says:

    Not free. But now they only want $9.95. It sucks that they don’t tell you that until the very end. Just spend an hour creating an awesome font. $10 isn’t much but I won’t pay it now just on principle.

  11. Ben says:

    YourFonts is NOT a Free online font generator – it says so on the first page.

  12. carmen says:

    dam its not even free wasted my time

  13. links london says:

    Some fantastic shots here, love the emptiness in some of them.
    links london

  14. Beveley says:

    MyFonts used to be free but it’s not any longer. They charge now. You could try this font generator instead:

  15. ghd Hair staightener says:

    Your article is write very well, I like it very much ~
    I wish you have a wonderful day!Thank you.

  16. seo specialist says:

    I love this tool, I am going to try this my own. Thanks for sharing this font idea.

  17. SSS says:

    Font Capture WAS free before Christmas. Now Font Capture redirects to which is not free. So disappointing! Creating my own handwriting font for free was cool. It’s not worth $10!!

  18. AZ says:

    It’s NOT free.

  19. RMK says:

    Is there a free alternative ? I don’t feel like paying $10 to scan my own handwriting.

  20. Christine says:

    This site is not free.

  21. CC says:

    Does anyone know of a free alternative? It kind of stinks that this site isn’t free because now I’m hooked on the idea. :/

  22. fontuser says:

    Well it is free to make the font, but if you want to use it, it’s not really free like they try to convince you that it is. LAME

  23. Nwta says:

    It used to be free. Its not any more. Its a shame becuase AOTS used to plug the site. Wonder if you could some how write your own font generation software and just use that for free.

  24. grasweg says:

    I know… it was free, but now it is not free anymore… for some reason
    I’m glad, that I have alrady created all the fonts, I wanted… but I want to find an alternative, too … because 10$ is too much for my own handwriting!

  25. Rebecca says:

    Not free anymore… free to view it – “approve before you buy” – but $9.95 to download it to your computer and actually use it.

  26. daniel says:

    Again one of those websites that promise a free product and then proceed to charge. I would suggest you remove the word “free” from these pages.

  27. Shelby says:

    I don’t know why you are calling this site free, it is NOT FREE.

  28. erinn says:

    they charge you now don’t they?

  29. lv says:

    This site is not free.

  30. Amy says:

    YOURFONTS is no longer free….boo hoo. Know anywhere else?

  31. Thomas Staub says:

    There is now another online tool to create your own handwriting font: .
    This one is free.

  32. Someone says:

    Thanks. I waisted my time. It’s not even free.

  33. Louise says:

    This isn’t free! They lead you on to the last step making you believe its free, and then it turns out you have to pay $9.95. Whoops! Not worth it at all!

  34. Barbara says:

    I can’t imagine! $9.95 – $15! Wow! The last site I checked, it was $69.95 and $10 extra if you want it on a CD… hum, think even the $15 is a real bargain!

  35. Anita says:

    It’s not free anymore 🙁

  36. Jeremiah says:

    OK, $10 ain’t much for your own custom handwriting font. I think it’s pretty cool, but by principle of the fact that its advertised as free, and they make you do all the work and spring the $10 charge on you after you’ve already previewed your font is bullsh*t! I would rather (and likely will) find somewhere to do this for 3 times the price, but where honesty is company policy.
    yourfonts — BANNED from my browser window.

  37. Nerd turd says:


  38. DSds says:

    That’s not free …. Waaaaa!!!

  39. Enjoydotcom says:

    @Nerd Turd, I used to be free! This article is from 2009, back then it was free.

  40. sac ekim says:

    I love this tool, I am going to try this my own. Thanks for sharing this font idea.


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