By AN Jay on November 11, 2008

Free & Open-Source PHP Web Statistics Script

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The PHP Web Stat offers you a highly configurable web tracker and detailed real-time web stat script. You will be able to analyze and monitor all visitors of your website. Our script is totally FREE and licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

PHP Web Stat

General characteristics

  • requires no database connectivity
  • separate counter for your website
  • easy administration console
  • configuration of the modules: turn on/off, count entries,
    percentage view, etc.
  • exclude own visits by cookies
  • ip recount time can be adjusted
  • exclude fixed ip-addresses
  • analysis of any time interval possible/saveable
  • password protection
  • update notifier
  • changeable style with CSS-editor
  • easy installation manual
  • compressed cached logfile
  • different languages

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PHP Web Stat is an open source statistics application that requires no databases . It creates its own log files & displays the data according to these …
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One of the best scripts i’ve ever used and the best part is the database thing.

simply prefect

Idea: How to dispaly your county flag visitors counter

Every webmaster needs to have web stats tool to be able to monitor and truck web traffic.

Web Stats offers a comprehensive web stat tool, a few features to list:
*Option to display your top countries flag visitors
*Option to display your top visitors
*Option to diplay your basic statics
*Option to dispaly your online vistors
* Powerful web statistics reporting engine
* ALL stats features
* Min/max stats
* Custom period stats display
* High priority email response from web support
* Feature rich, account management control panel


Get your free web statistics and show your visitors your traffic the way you want
Get it free at:

I am looking for web based stats php script hosted stats but i dont like that

How can this not use a database? Is it a text file?


The actual script on the developers website is here

explanation of how it works from the developer’s website is here:
“Operating mode
Here we try to give you a little introduction of how the script works:
Every site you want to track has to have the same single line of javascript included. If you now visit such a site, your browser will include the external javascript that is referenced in the loaded website. This javascript calls a php script that tracks all visitors data in a textbased logfile and places a 1-pixel image in the called site. Now you can run the statistic script to see all user activities. By every call of this script, all values of the logfile will be read. ”

from their website here:

(That webseomasters link someone else posted is a DIFFERENT script and likely spam)

nice blog system

This script is excellent, I am actually looking for a script I can use to run my own webstats site where I give smaller webmasters visitors tracking code for their website, I don’t think this script can do that, any suggestions?


I think a nice add-on have not tested it but thanks for sharing
links of london

Great post, i stumbled onto your site and really enjoy the posts. Keep em coming.
~ greg

thank you for your share~~!

it seems I cant any download link of that script

I visit it, but its not free…… please give me link where i can download it free

this is a scam site

Beatz is a free community script and RBS is free auction script, with GPL Licence include that too and also there is aa free meta search script called proteus

I want some script for my website to track like Analytics

It’s not free anymore.
Shame, it was a good script.

It is no longer free! They are charging $6.99 usd for it now. Still good, but not free.

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