By AN Jay on December 26, 2007

Social Bookmarking Service. Fast Tagging And Posting To All Major (30+) Social Websites – SocialMarker

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social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking is a powerful tool in promoting a website. But going through all of those social bookmarking sites is very time-consuming and downloading all toolbars is madness! That’s where comes in, the free service designed to reduce the time and effort needed to socially bookmark a website.

social bookmarking sites

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Going through all of those social bookmarking sites is very time-consuming and downloading all toolbars is madness!

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Just wondering if andyone has anyone tried this?

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Good article, thanks for sharing

I am kind of new to social bookmarking but social bookmarks presents great resource when doing research.~-*

Social bookmarking these days are very common and it is also one way to get backlinks,~’

social bookmarking has been the trend in the last few years, Facebook really dominated Friendster, Myspace and others .`,

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